Apr. 24th, 2015

Springtime Friday. And it’s the last one in April.

And hopefully things warm up a bit more next month.

So check out the new look for the Friday Videos! There will probably be further changes as we trundle along, so bear with me.

And now please enjoy this week’s Friday Videos!

2014 StormLapses

“Storms included are the Mother’s Day Nebaska storm, Burwell, NE on June 16, Chugwater, WY funnel, the hailmonster that wrecked Gibbon, NE, and some minor misc other storms. And one shot of Rozel, KS from 2013, for drama. :)”


Cinnamon: Harvesting Cassia in the Jungles of Sumatra

“One of the most beloved spices in the world, Cinnamon is actually the dried and curled up inner bark of one of several varietals of trees in the genus Cinnamomum. Cassia Cinnamon is one of those varietals and the majority of it grows in the lush Kerenci Valley on the island of Sumatra in Indonesia.”

Brought to you by Mode’s Foodie Channel.

The World’s Future MEGAPROJECTS (2015-2030’s)

“A documentary on the ten most ambitious mega-projects currently under development around the world”

Man: they are not kidding. This 30 minute documentary covers some interesting, huge forthcoming projects.

Niamh – Meeting my doppelgänger.

“After only two weeks into the competition I went to meet my first Twin Stranger who I found through the power of social media.”

They really look virtually identical.

Bonus Video!

LoveStories – Chapter One, Bo

“After researching the online community of the LoveStories brand, this video series came to its existence. The video gives insight into a loving relationship from the point of view of ‘the boyfriend’. Little details, stupid things, and charming elements are the things why he’s in love with her, even when that means eating kebab, walking into metro gates, and acting out the same film scene every single day.”

Sent along by Alison L.

I’ll see you in a week, Friday Folks!

Happy Friday!


Apr. 17th, 2015

Friday again!

Definitely not a bad thing…

Video time!

» The Directors Series- David Fincher [2.1]

The Directors Series- David Fincher [2.1]

“The first installment of THE DIRECTORS SERIES’ examination into the films and career of director David Fincher”
These guys are not messing around! A very in-depth first part of a multi-part documentary on this ground breaking filmmaker.
They also made a 5-part documentary series covering Stanley Kubrick, if you like that sort of thing.
Fun thing I learned: Fincher directed most of the top music videos anybody saw between 1989 and 1991. Amazing.

» The Coast

The Coast

“Borderlands. The bridge between two worlds. Where the known meets mystery. Powerful, unforgiving – and exactly what Hayden Peters was looking for. Trading the city for the daily sting of salt water on his skin, Hayden reveals how life on the coast brings him balance like no other place on earth could.”
Some stunning photography here. Well done.
Sent in by Kate S.

» Paris in 3 Minutes – Hyperlapse Experimentation

Paris in 3 Minutes - Hyperlapse Experimentation

“Hyperlapse Experimentation Directed by Maxime Gaudet.”
Kind of a neat mash-up between hyperlapse and real-time footage. Cool style. I like it.

» ALB – The Road

ALB - The Road

“Official Music video ALB x THE ROAD Directed by Julien Lassort.”
Beautiful. Very thoughtfully executed.

Bonus Video:

» Patterns of Harmony

Patterns of Harmony

“Patterns of Harmony is a mirrored projection mapping installation inspired by quantum physics and a research to find the origin of geometry. It focuses on all of nature’s weird beauty, takes concepts from far beyond the perceptivity of the human mind and attempts to translate them into a unified, spatial form.”
Really elegantly done.
More info on how they did this is available here.

Have a great weekend everybody.


Apr. 10th, 2015

Friday! Phew. We made it.

It must be video time!

» Bustin


Another insane… mashup? “reimagining”? Remix? From Neil Cicierega.
P.S. Some of you may have also missed this odd stroke of genius as well. (From a couple weeks back.)

» Everyone’s Upstairs Neighbors

Everyone's Upstairs Neighbors

“This is what your upstairs neighbors are really up to.”
As someone currently living in a basement apartment, this is relevant to my interests… 😉
Sent along by Ashy T.



“This is the official SUNDAYS VFX breakdown from the PostPanic Pictures headquarters in Amsterdam. Produced primarily by the in-house specialist CG team at PostPanic, the breakdown also contains elements from guest contributors worldwide who supported on the post side.”
This is an effects reel for the online short Sundays.
I know I probably shouldn’t be “blown away” by the current state of CGI effects in 2015 but holy cow there is some amazing work being done lately.

» Sears 1981 Tele-Shop Catalog laserdisc

Sears 1981 Tele-Shop Catalog laserdisc

“One of the holy grails of laserdiscs, this was sent out to people who had sent in the registration cards for the Pioneer VP-1000 laserdisc player, Pioneer’s first US player. This was supposed to be the future of catalog shopping but was the only edition released.”
I had never heard of this. What a bizarre concept. Must have cost a fortune at the time.
Making the rounds. Thanks to the numerous subscribers who sent this in.

Bonus Video:

» Nev Plays With Car Sounds: Beat Factory

Nev Plays With Car Sounds: Beat Factory

“I collaborated with Toyota to turn the sounds of real cars being made into an original track. The sounds I used are straight from Toyota manufacturing plants in Kentucky and Mississippi, and have been paired with gifs showcasing the creation of a car from start to finish.”
That’s pretty abstract. Technology!

Have a great weekend, Friday people!


Apr. 3rd, 2015

Welcome back to Friday everybody.

I hope yours is decidedly Spring-like.

Where was I — VIDEOS! Yes.

Here we go…

» Hakanaï / trailer

Hakanaï / trailer

“Hakanaï is written in the Japanese language by combining two elements, one that refers to man and one who means the dream.
It defines what is impermanent and does not last.”

» The Now – Ray Collins

The Now - Ray Collins

“The coal-mining town of Bulli, south of Sydney, is not regarded as a repository of high art, nor as a vibrant and pulsing beehive of life and color, and yet there was Ray Collins. Seven years ago the idea of his new photography book, Found at Sea, would have seemed ludicrous to him; he was still working a mile down in the mines and hadn’t shot a single frame. Collins crawled out of the mines after blowing out a knee – ‘No shock absorbers left,’ he says – and bought a camera with the payout. In the short years since, Collins has transitioned from subterranean to submarine and become arguably the most inventive water photographer in Australia.”
Some striking work here most definitely.

» Hand Push Engraving With the Speitzer/Onglette Graver

Hand Push Engraving With the Speitzer/Onglette Graver

While I feel certain that there is a computerised version of this kind of thing, this is beautiful to watch. A dying art, I’m sure.

» Miguel CHEVALIER Digital Arabesques 2015 Fès (short version)

Miguel CHEVALIER Digital Arabesques 2015 Fès (short version)

“Generative and interactive virtual-reality installation”

Bonus Video:

» OEC 2014 – Dogdance Freestyle – Sandra & Lizzy

OEC 2014 - Dogdance Freestyle - Sandra & Lizzy

Because why not?

Have a great weekend everybody.