Feb. 27th, 2015

Friday already!

And we bid farewell to February. Bye, February! Sorry you were so cold all the time…

Oh yes: VIDEOS!



YouTuber “RedTank” created this mashup of a Rick Ross video with the audio replaced with Paul Simon’s “Me and Julio Down By The Schoolyard.”
It works pretty well!

» Mary Poppins Sings Death Metal

Mary Poppins Sings Death Metal

[self explanatory]

» GoFast 2014 HD OnBoard Cameras

GoFast 2014 HD OnBoard Cameras

“The GoFast 2014 rocket officially set a new world record on July 14, 2014 as the highest and fastest amateur rocket ever launched into space.”
Caution: spinning. No but really, lots of spinning.

» …meanwhile…


“Meanwhile in a world far, far away …”
“…Meanwhile… shows the world of marine animals like corals and starfish at high magnification and during long time span through the timelapse.”

Bonus Video:

» Mini Food Shrimp tempura and fried shrimp

Mini Food Shrimp tempura and fried shrimp

This is part of a series of videos depicting “kawaii” cuisine, except unlike the vast majority of other videos, this guy is actually cooking real food.
See also (if you want) Mini Food Yakitori.
A little insane, but fascinating.

Happy Friday everybody!