Nov. 14th, 2014

Friiiidayyyyyeeeee! [echo…]


And now: videos!

» Shake It Off – 1989 Aerobic Workout Edition

Shake It Off - 1989 Aerobic Workout Edition
“This Video Proves Cheesy ’80s Dancercise Goes Perfectly with Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake it Off'”
Hurry! The copyright lawyers keep shutting it down!!

» Math and Movies (Animation at Pixar) – Numberphile

Math and Movies (Animation at Pixar) - Numberphile
“How do 3D animated characters look so smooth? Pixar researcher Tony DeRose explains – with mathematics.”
I find Pixar endlessly fascinating, so forgive me if this is too technical.
Sent in by Traci T.

» Too Many Cooks | Adult Swim

Too Many Cooks | Adult Swim
A fairly long infomercial-length credit sequence from Adult Swim. This has been making some rounds, but I figured I should include it because it’s definitely unlike anything else you’ll see today.
Note: NSFW. But worth it.

» Moment Abroad

Moment Abroad
“These timelapse shots were taken while I was exploring the areas around Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic back in late September. Really enjoyed my time there and it was interesting visiting places that have been around for so long and seen so much history.”

Bonus Video:

» R2D2 Budgie

R2D2 Budgie
“We taught Bluey the budgie how to do R2-D2 and now he drives us crazy! He has two other budgies in his cage, and I think he’s driving them crazy too!”
Vengeance… But kind of cool too!

Have a great Friday everybody. Enjoy your weekend!