Sep. 19th, 2014

Friday means fresh videos.

Gather round chi’run!!

» Apocalypse Pooh [Remastered version] – by Todd Graham (1987)

Apocalypse Pooh [Remastered version] - by Todd Graham (1987)
“This is a recently remastered version of Todd Graham’s original 1987 VCR-made remix that appropriates famous fictional animals from Disney’s animated version of Winnie the Pooh and recasts them as characters in Francis Ford Coppola’s gritty Vietnam War drama Apocalypse Now.”
I was first told about this video in 1993 and I only saw a really gruzzy third-generation dub of it, so this is kind of a revelation.
Sent along by Daryl F.

» 35 Jobs That No Longer Exist – mental_floss List Show (Ep.222)

35 Jobs That No Longer Exist - mental_floss List Show (Ep.222)
[self explanatory]
Some of these are kind of interesting.
Sent along by Lisa R.


“Hyperlapses + Cameo = Insanity”

» Skateboarding in 5001 Balloons!

Skateboarding in 5001 Balloons!
An interesting idea. Shot really well too.

Bonus Video:

» Pendulum Wave Demonstration

Pendulum Wave Demonstration
“I did not make this – I simply took a video of it! This is a large-scale demonstration of the interaction between period and pendulum length, using 16 bowling balls hung from a wooden frame.”
Watching this video feels soothing in a way.

Happy Friday!