Jun. 20th, 2014

Ahhhhh Summer…

It’s finally here!! (…in the northern hemisphere that is.)

Time for some videos!

» HI Brit by Gal Volinez

HI Brit by Gal Volinez
This guy replaces all instances of Britney Spears in the video for “Work B*tch” with himself. This must have taken quite, QUITE a long time.
Making the rounds (and deservedly so) – but extremely well done!

» OK Go – The Writing’s On the Wall – Official Video

OK Go - The Writing's On the Wall - Official Video
Another phenomenal, intricate video from this great band. All the effects are essentially “in-camera” optical illusions. Well done.
Sent along by Laura R.

» Koh Yao Noi

Koh Yao Noi
This is a beautiful, cinematic video. Love it.


“Atomium was built in Brussels in 1958 for the Brussels World’s Fair. It was designed by engineer André Waterkeyn and shaped in the form of a unit cell of an iron crystal, only enlarged 165 billion times!”
This time-lapse makes it look even more majestic.

Bonus Video:

» Words Kill Wars

Words Kill Wars
“We at ADOT.COM believe focusing on differences in each other sits at the root of discrimination and conflict, and that a shift in perspectives to acknowledging the similarities we all share is necessary in order for us to connect and for peace to prevail.”
This is a great, short, to-the-point animation.

Happy, Happy Friday, Summer friends.

See you in a week!