Nov. 15th, 2013

Welcome back to Friday, and welcome to the middle of November.

Heeeeere we go…

» Mark Wagner – Money is Material

Mark Wagner - Money is Material

“The collage artist makes us question the worth of taking something at face value. More on”

» The Mill VFX Showreel 2013

The Mill VFX Showreel 2013

You’ve probably seen their recent PS4 tv spots, but just check out the quality of work at this company. Nicely done.
Sent in by Jennifer R.

» If Your Phone Company Told The Truth

If Your Phone Company Told The Truth

“Here’s what a call to your phone provider would sound like if they actually told the truth.”
Funny / Depressing

» The Record Breaker

The Record Breaker

“The Record Breaker tells the life story of Ashrita Furman, the man with the most Guinness World Records of all time. Winner of the Vimeo Audience Award at the 2013 Full Frame Documentary Film Festival and Jury Prizes at the 2012 Palm Springs International ShortsFest and the 2013 New Orleans Film Festival…”
Kind of fascinating.

Bonus Video:

» Real Historic PIRATES — FAK #27

Real Historic PIRATES -- FAK #27

Crazy! (And not a Somalian among them… ZING!)

Have a lovely Friday, and an excellent, relaxing weekend everybody.