Apr. 26th, 2013


Welcome back everybody.

» Jay’s ‘Pun Picks’ – Pierre Bensusan – ‘Intuite’ 02.22.13

Jay's 'Pun Picks' - Pierre Bensusan - 'Intuite' 02.22.13

“Pierre Bensusan is a French – Algerian guitarist who is world renowned for his beautiful compositions and captivating performances.”
No frikkin’ kidding! Absolutely beautiful.
Sent in by Amanda S.

» Every Alfred Hitchcock Cameo

Every Alfred Hitchcock Cameo

“Every Hitchcock cameo in all of his films.”
Kind of cool. Some very funny ones, especially in his earlier works.

» Evolution of Music – Pentatonix

Evolution of Music - Pentatonix

And we’re talking about primarily western music, but going way, way back.
Very creative.

» Tetris Stop Motion Chalk Art

Tetris Stop Motion Chalk Art

“Artist Chris Carlson creates an awesome chalk stop motion of everyone’s favorite childhood game: Tetris!”
Kind of cool.
Sent in by Miko C.

Have a fantastic Friday!