Mar. 8th, 2013

Welcome back, Friday, we were just talking about you…

Visual entertainment time…

» Pogo: ‘The Ghan’ Remix

Pogo: 'The Ghan' Remix

“My remix of sights and sounds captured on my journey aboard The Ghan.”
Another great sonic remix from Pogo.

» Cyriak: Cobwebs

Cyriak: Cobwebs

“The endless universe of spiders. I made this video last year for Showtime, so you may have seen it before.”
The man is a twisted visual genius.

» 15,000 Volts

15,000 Volts

“High voltage wood erosion.”
What a bizarre but beautiful looking process.

» deux-al pianos | evan shinners

deux-al pianos | evan shinners

“Evan Shinners demonstrates how to play bach’s double manual keyboard music.”
Show off… 😉
Sent in by Lara T.

Have a very happy weekend everybody.