Aug. 10th, 2012

Friday has arrived! Whuhoo!

Video watching time…

» My name is John Daker

My name is John Daker

Following this video, I encourage you to also watch this one, and then (if you like) this one.
I guess it’s kind of unfair (late-80’s community cable = fish in a barrel) but wwwwwow did these make me laugh.
Suggested by Traci T.

» The Human Jukebox | cdza Opus No. 9

The Human Jukebox | cdza Opus No. 9

“Donations as votes. A fun and democratic way for street musicians to receive money.”
This is CDZA, a trio of musicians who engage in various musical experiments. In this one, they effectively act as a crowd-voted jukebox. They’re quite good!
Sent in by many subscribers.

» Total Eclipse: piano trio

Total Eclipse: piano trio

“Total Eclipse piano trio Recorded February 2006, base on the club hit by Klaus Nomi”
An odd choice, to be sure.
For the stark original version, click here.

» What is the Higgs Boson?

What is the Higgs Boson?

“The day before scientists at CERN announced they had discovered a ‘Higgs-like’ particle, we asked some people in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, about it. We used every response we got to make this video.”
Some of these responses are hilarious.

Bonus Video:

» Jaimie Lanister Vs Eddard Stark Lightsaber Battle

Jaimie Lanister Vs Eddard Stark Lightsaber Battle

Game of Thrones characters, duelling with light sabers.
I mean: naturally!
This one has been making the rounds but it was sent in by many, many subscribers, so here it is. Thanks, all.

Enjoy your August Friday, everybody.