May 11th, 2012

Friday goes with videos like chocolate goes with peanut butter.

At least in my world it does. Here goes!

» The Shins : The Rifle’s Spiral

The Shins : The Rifle's Spiral

Directed by Jamie Caliri supported by a pretty extensive crew. Well done. (Also: I heart the Shins.)
Sent along by Kelly S.

» 1944 – Apple’s Internal Marketing Video dated 1984

1944 - Apple's Internal Marketing Video dated 1984

Kind of funny. I like how they interpreted this.

» Walt Disney’s Taxi Drive

Walt Disney's Taxi Drive

[somewhat self explanatory]
“Tweaked by Bryan Boyce”. I’ll say! Fantastic.

» Walking Dead Alternate Title Sequence

Walking Dead Alternate Title Sequence

… as a 1980’s sitcom.
Sent in by Kate S.

Bonus Video:

» Greatest Movie Sandwiches

Greatest Movie Sandwiches

Funny. Interesting!
Sent in by Jennidub.

Have a great weekend.