May 25th, 2012

Welcome back! We’ve missed you.

Can you believe that it’s the end of May? Crazy.

Video time!

» Game of Thrones Intro Sing-A-Long

Game of Thrones Intro Sing-A-Long

From the funny folks at Ruin the Internet.

» Tetris: Official Trailer

Tetris: Official Trailer

Take that, Battleship.
Sent in by Ashy.

» Epic – Slinky on a Treadmill

Epic - Slinky on a Treadmill

It’s kind of mesmerizing.
Sent in by several subscribers.

» new jawbreaker video

new jawbreaker video

Youtube Craftsman hifijohn turns a massive jawbreaker into a shot glass. It’s long but it’s worth it.

Bonus Video:

» Pop-si-cle



Happy Friday everybody.


May 18th, 2012

Holy cow it is sooo Friday.

Video time!

» Lemon Bucket Orkestra – Balkan Station Romanian Tour 2012

Lemon Bucket Orkestra - Balkan Station Romanian Tour 2012

Members of “Lemon Bucket Orkestra”, a Toronto-base Klezmer (among other things) band were stuck with all the rest of the passengers on Air Canada flight 876 to Romania. So they got creative. Fantastic. (This was only a 20 minute delay!)
Suggested by Matt G. from CBC Metro Morning. Well done sir.

» Sperm Whale Encounter

Sperm Whale Encounter

Captured on a very HD Red 4K camera. Beautiful.

» Adam’s Rib

Adam's Rib

“how one man’s work defines him.
A film by James Arthurs and Cam Roden.”
Sent in by Devon D.

» The Mast Brothers

The Mast Brothers

A cool little mini-bio about this Brooklyn based chocolate company.
Sent in by Kyrsten G.

Bonus Video:

» 60,000 Dominos (Personal Record)

60,000 Dominos (Personal Record)

Sent along by Minh P.

Have a great (potentially long) weekend everybody!


May 11th, 2012

Friday goes with videos like chocolate goes with peanut butter.

At least in my world it does. Here goes!

» The Shins : The Rifle’s Spiral

The Shins : The Rifle's Spiral

Directed by Jamie Caliri supported by a pretty extensive crew. Well done. (Also: I heart the Shins.)
Sent along by Kelly S.

» 1944 – Apple’s Internal Marketing Video dated 1984

1944 - Apple's Internal Marketing Video dated 1984

Kind of funny. I like how they interpreted this.

» Walt Disney’s Taxi Drive

Walt Disney's Taxi Drive

[somewhat self explanatory]
“Tweaked by Bryan Boyce”. I’ll say! Fantastic.

» Walking Dead Alternate Title Sequence

Walking Dead Alternate Title Sequence

… as a 1980’s sitcom.
Sent in by Kate S.

Bonus Video:

» Greatest Movie Sandwiches

Greatest Movie Sandwiches

Funny. Interesting!
Sent in by Jennidub.

Have a great weekend.


May 4th, 2012

Were you anxious for this email to arrive?

I hope so. It’s Friday!

» London aerial 1

London aerial 1

“Day and night aerial footage over London, UK.”
Sounds so simple. 🙂
Sent in by Ashy.

» Silent world

Silent world

According to their website:
“The silence of the world, like a quotation, is suddenly endowed with an oppressive eloquence. Small intrusions are the true sparks here, because their disconcerting presence disrupts the majestic calm of the streets and squares.”
Hauntingly beautiful.

» The Kills: Into the Unknown’

The Kills: Into the Unknown'

Directed by Giorgio Testi
I heart this band.

» Festo SmartInversion

Festo SmartInversion

“SmartInversion is a helium-filled flying object that moves through the air by turning inside-out. This constant, rhythmically pulsating movement is known as inversion and gives the flight model its name.”
A fairly odd looking flying device.
My first question: where would one sit on this vehicle? 🙂

Bonus Video:

» Yellow Pages by Computer Graphics

Yellow Pages by Computer Graphics

From the AT&T archive, dated 1977.
Insane. This was a huge leap forward at the time.

Happy Friday everybody!