Mar. 2nd, 2012

Well well well… Friday!

Here we go!

» Cassetteboy vs. the News

Cassetteboy vs. the News

I lol’d. A lot.

» Graffiti Rock

Graffiti Rock

According to Wikipedia, “Graffiti Rock was a hip-hop based television program, originally screened June 29, 1984. Intended as an on-going series, the show only received one pilot episode…”
This appears to be that episode.

» 8 bit Invader (maping)

8 bit Invader (maping)

(That should actually read “mapping”.)
Another cool building-sized projection / takeover. Well done.

» City of Samba

City of Samba

“Tilt shift of the Carnaval party in Rio de Janeiro.”
Tilt-shift is going to eventually be like Autotune in pop songs: representative of a very specific period in the early 2010’s.
But I still like this. 🙂

Enjoy your day everybody.