Sep. 9th, 2011

It. Is. Friday!

Oh. Mah. GAWD!

Here goes…

» Oprah and the yelling goat

Oprah and the yelling goat

I lol’d. A lot.

» Mike Relm: Aziz Ansari Remixed

Mike Relm: Aziz Ansari Remixed

This is really well done. And this guy sounds pretty entrepreneurial but I don’t mind because his work is good.

» Blind


“The film is set in post-nuclear Tokyo in a dimension not so distant from ours. Young salary-man’s morning commute takes a surreal turn.”
Very poignantly conde, and somewhat disturbing.

» Stunt Poetry

Stunt Poetry

“Starring Dante Ha, a professional stunt man whose work includes Dark Knight Rises, Contagion, X-Men:First Class, Walking Dead, Teen Wolf and more.”

Bonus Video:

» scrape | artwork and documentation

scrape | artwork and documentation

A public installation shown on the side of the Seoul and Gana Art Center in Seoul, South Korea.
Really beautiful.

Enjoy your weekend folks.