Jul. 15th, 2011

Friday again. Same time, same station.

Here you go…

» Eclectic Method: The Dark Side

Eclectic Method: The Dark Side

Dubstep DJ’s + the Star Wars trilogies = look out.

» Good Morning Chicago

Good Morning Chicago

“June was the first month this year that I had no travel plans so I challenged myself to wake up everyday at around 5am to capture the sunrise on downtown Chicago.”
Shot by Craig Shimala. Well done.

» Killer Queen Cover (FreddieGredde)

Killer Queen Cover (FreddieGredde)

This guy is amazing. He has several videos but by far this is his most accomplished. Fantastic.

» Fast Food Sushi

Fast Food Sushi

Gross! But also fascinating.
Sent in by Sarah P. and Sheri C.

Bonus Video:

» Kitten vs. TWO scary things

Kitten vs. TWO scary things

Really well-matched score makes this extra funny. Breaking my no-kitten rule as a result.
Sent in by Maria T.

Happy Friday! No go outside and enjoy mid-Summer.