Jun. 3rd, 2011

Friday at LAST!

Am I right?

» View from Space Shuttle Endeavour’s Solid Rocket Booster

View from Space Shuttle Endeavour's Solid Rocket Booster

Crazy. Two different views. Long but in my opinion worth it.
Also: farewell Endeavour. (snif)

» Outside Aperture

Outside Aperture

A short film inspired by the videogame “Portal”. Very well done.

» The Baby Bullet

The Baby Bullet

Take the never-ending Baby Bullet infomercial, slow it down 200%, and add creepy music to it. Yikes.

» Subtitled Scott Stenier Promo

Subtitled Scott Stenier Promo

[self explanatory]

Bonus Video:

» The Hill-Side “Wa” Handkerchief

The Hill-Side “Wa” Handkerchief

Such a simple design but obviously a lot of care went into making these.
You can buy one at Hickoree’s Hard Goods. 100% of proceeds go to the International Rescue Committee.

Happy first Friday in June!

Have a great weekend.