Jan. 28th, 2011

Friday! And there went January.

Video time…

» Portland Cello Project Covering Kanye West’s ‘All of the Lights’

Portland Cello Project Covering Kanye West’s 'All of the Lights'

Well done.

» The Thomas Beale Cipher

The Thomas Beale Cipher

“Based on a true legend of the famous unsolved code.”
This is an interesting little video, and very artfully executed.

» It’s Showtime!

It's Showtime!

Repetition is supposedly funny.

» Guitar Army

Guitar Army

Pretty much self explanatory. Nicely done.

Bonus Video:

» The World’s Widest Slip’n’slide.

The World's Widest Slip'n'slide.

Especially in mid-winter, this is fun to watch.
Sent in by Ashy.

Happy Friday everybody.


Jan. 14th, 2011

Friday at frikkin’ last.

Here are some videos to watch. You’re welcome.

» World Cruise 2010

World Cruise 2010

Shot with a Canon DSLR, this short film shows a day in the life of several cities around the world. Pack your bags!

» Bandsaw Magic

Bandsaw Magic

Pretty much self-explanatory.

» Heinz Automato 4

Heinz Automato 4

I am thinking this is likely an early build of this clearly necessary device.

» One Year in Two Minutes

One Year in Two Minutes

“A true timelapse made from more than 3500 high resolution images shot from the same spot during all of 2010.”
By photographer Erik Solheim.

Bonus Video:

» Tucker Plays the Blues

Tucker Plays the Blues

[Or at least: his interpretation of the blues. Tucker is a dog.]

Happy Friday.


Jan. 7th, 2011

The first Friday of 2011. Welcome to it!

Here we go…

» 2010 NFL Sounds of 2010

2010 NFL Sounds of 2010

Mashed up by DJ Steve Porter (remember the Slap Chop remix?)

» Antoine Dufour: Hide and Seek

Antoine Dufour: Hide and Seek

A breathtaking version of Imogen Heap’s song, performed on solo guitar.
There are other videos in the related items and they’re also worth a listen.

» Future First Person Shooter

Future First Person Shooter

Shot in live action with some pretty clever cgi added in. Well done.

» The Sound Of

The Sound Of

This actually made my day when I first saw it.

Bonus Video:

» Fried Gnocchi

Fried Gnocchi

“Steve shows us all how not to prepare gnocchi.”
I guess he wasn’t expecting what happened here…
Sent in by Stef G.

Enjoy the rest of your Friday, and have a great weekend.