Oct. 8th, 2010

Welcome to Friday!

Here is some Friday viewing.

» Hollerado: Hey Philadelphia

Hollerado: Hey Philadelphia

Another amazing single-take video from this very medlodic indie band. Great stuff.

» Notebook


This is a couple years old but still awesome.
Sent in by Carla H.

» Toy Story / Dark Night Mashup Trailer

Toy Story / Dark Night Mashup Trailer

I’m a bit late to the party on this one but: wow. Fantastic work.

» Full Metal Disney

Full Metal Disney

A crazy lip-dub of a key scene in Full Metal Jacket using Disney voices. Definitely somewhat NSFW due to content, but hooooo-boy: funny!

Bonus Video:

» One Song To The Tune Of Another

One Song To The Tune Of Another

Not really video, but the audio is definitely worth it.

Have a great weekend.


Oct. 1st, 2010

Well here it is October already. Time for some Friday Videos.

» Norwegian Recycling: Miracles

Norwegian Recycling: Miracles

“Norwegian Recycling” is the stage name of mashup artist Peter Bull. This will probably stick in your head all day. You’re welcome.

» Dance Fortress 2

Dance Fortress 2

Created by James “Jazzman” Benson. Eminently re-watchable.

» WWF Tiger Shirt

WWF Tiger Shirt

An interesting augmented reality t-shirt to raise awareness of the slaughter of endangered species of tigers.

» Sonar


An interesting little self-generating music animation.

Bonus Video:

» Green Box Product Promo: Pizza Box

Green Box Product Promo: Pizza Box

A pretty ingenious idea.



Sep. 24th, 2010

Can you believe it’s already Autumn?

Here is some Friday viewing…

» Making a Jarvi Bench

Making a Jarvi Bench

Master carpenter Mike Jarvi shows most of the 30-day process that goes into making his signature bench. Here is a man who loves his work. Very unique.

» Never Say No To Panda

Never Say No To Panda

The original compilation (6 minutes) has been removed, so instead I include this smaller compilation. This one is making the rounds.
A funny, slightly disturbing ad campaign.
Sent in by Laura F. and many, many other subscribers.

» When Humans Ruled The Earth

When Humans Ruled The Earth

An animated examination of mankind’s consumption addiction.
Made by Stephen Ong.

» Chinese Playing Cards Factory

Chinese Playing Cards Factory

It’s kind of mesmerizing.
Sent in by Melissa C.



Sep. 17th, 2010

Welcome to Friday!

And here are some videos to watch as well.

» Viral Ad: Samsung

Viral Ad: Samsung

Trust me, it’s worth watching.
Sent in by several subscribers.

» Cat Parkour

Cat Parkour

[self explanatory]
Combining two of the most popular subjects on YouTube. Well done.

» The Bit-52’s: Rock Lobster

The Bit-52's: Rock Lobster

A crazy contraption performs this seminal early-80’s track. Crazy.
Sent in by Simon B.

» The Jiffy Crew

The Jiffy Crew

This military crew can disassemble and reassemble a jeep in under four minutes.

Bonus Video:

» Seal Screaming Like A Man

Seal Screaming Like A Man

[self explanatory]
I lol’d!
See also: Goat Yelling Like A Man.

Happy Friday!


Sep. 10th, 2010

Friday at last!

Here is some Friday viewing…

» Professor Longhair, Big Chief

Professor Longhair, Big Chief

Parkour: They know it.
Sent in by Ashy.

» JoJoMayer: Drum ‘n Bass Groove & Slow Motion

JoJoMayer: Drum 'n Bass Groove & Slow Motion

I’m always amazed anyone can play that style live.
Sent in by Johnny Rowe.

» Projection shows in Kharkov

Projection shows in Kharkov

Another video of an architectural projection / light show. These must take a while to set up.
Sent in by Melissa C.

» How A Watch Works

How A Watch Works

A 1949 informational film from Hamilton Watch Company.



Sep. 3rd, 2010

It’s Friiiidayyy!

Here you go.

» Dancing At The Movies

Dancing At The Movies

A great little mashup of numerous movie dance sequences overtop of Footloose. Some clever editing.
Sent in by Rachael L.

» Marcel The Shell With Shoes On

Marcel The Shell With Shoes On

Sent in by Brandi Z.
How odd…

» Doctors With Guns

Doctors With Guns

(Not) coming this fall.

» Sky


“Filmed in Dubai over 5 days and nights.”

Bonus Video:

» Riva Starr feat. Noze: I Was Drunk

Riva Starr feat. Noze: I Was Drunk

Funny! And mildly disturbing.

Happy Friday! And enjoy your weekend.


Aug. 20th, 2010

Holy cow: It’s Friday.

Here are some videos for you…

» 3-year-old recites poem,

3-year-old recites poem,

A great poem, and a pretty impressive feat for a 3 year old.

» Jetting Thtough the Grand Canyon, 1959

Jetting Thtough the Grand Canyon, 1959

“They wouldn’t be allowed to do it today, but back in 1959, experienced military pilots would sometimes buzz the Grand Canyon when flying out of nearby Nellis AFB.”
Holy cow. This is some very shaky super-8 footage, but it is breathtaking nonetheless.

» Amazing Roger Federer trickshot on Gillette ad shoot

Amazing Roger Federer trickshot on Gillette ad shoot

And that ad is *everywhere* lately.

» Indian Pole Gymnastics

Indian Pole Gymnastics

[self explanatory, and ouch!]



Aug. 13th, 2010

And now: Your Friday Videos!

» Between Bears

Between Bears

Animation student Eran Hilelli dazzles with his graduating short film. Really beautiful work.

» Ratatat: Drugs

Ratatat: Drugs

How odd. 🙂

» An otter plays with a rock

An otter plays with a rock

[self explanatory]
Aw? 🙂
Sent in by Miko, who has had it on repeat all week.

» Funny Or Die: Iron Chef Supercut

Funny Or Die: Iron Chef Supercut

This is partly why I dislike this show. Still funny!!

Bonus Video:

» The Copenhagen Wheel

The Copenhagen Wheel

Turns any bike into a hybrid-electric bike, plus measures pretty much everything about your trip. Crazy!



Aug. 6th, 2010



Let’s begin.

» Massive Fireworks Experiment

Massive Fireworks Experiment

Pretty much exactly what it says. It looks insane.

» Anamorphic Typography

Anamorphic Typography

I like these concepts.
See also their blog.

» The Beginning of Fire in Tamboles Village in Russia

The Beginning of Fire in Tamboles Village in Russia

So now you know what that looks like.
What an insane video.
Sent in by Jennidub.

» Ants In My Scanner > A Five Years Time Lapse!

Ants In My Scanner > A Five Years Time Lapse!

“I installed an ant colony inside my scanner five years ago.
I scanned the nest each week.”
Found by Traci T.

Bonus Video:

» Raving Dog

Raving Dog

[self explanatory]
Sent in by Stef G.

Enjoy! Have a great weekend everybody.