January 17th, 2020

We made it! Whuhoooooo!

Happy Friday!

Here are your Friday Videos…

ABBA Dancing Queen on a 100 year old organ

Created by Alexey Rom who creates suctom-made paper scrolls for this automated instrument, which is known as a “Hooghuys Organ” – or “Dance Organ”.

Making the rounds.

The English Language in 67 Accents & Random Voices

“Brought to you by Jake Wardle. My third big accents video!”

He’s good! Exceptional range.

Turn Of Mind

“Intrigued by a deep connection with nature, Patagonia ambassador Nicholas Wolken spent time in the Swiss mountains with his splitboard, good friends and an open mind. He shares his story in Patagonia’s new film: Turn of Mind.”

Typologies of New York City: A Crowdsourced Hyperlapse

“Classics are classic for a reason. We’ve all taken these photos. What happens when everything in the world has been photographed? From multiple angles, multiple times per day? Eventually we’ll piece those photos and videos together to be able to see the entire history of a location from every possible angle.”

A super interesting project.

Bonus Video!

Ice kart CZ 250cc

“Winter kart. The first ice of 2018. Onboard Gennadiy Novichkov cz250”

This looks like an absolute blast!

And that’s that! Allll Friday’d up.

See you next week, and have a great weekend.


January 10th, 2020

Welcome, at last, to Friday.

I hope everybody is doing okay after what has been a troubling, very difficult week.

Here are some videos to take your mind off of [gestures everywhere] everything…

The Mandalorian – Spaghetti Western Trailer

This is brilliantly executed! Very well done.

VFX Artist Reveals the True Scale of Atoms

“Wren uses VFX magic to show you how small the Universe gets… spoilers: really really small.”

I was hesitant to include this video due to how aggressively they push you to watch every other video they’ve ever made, but it’s a pretty good video. (Also: Making the rounds)

CYKLE | A Collection Of Short Stories

“This series has been made around the idea that nature is able to generate new organic forms and patterns which are not regulated by our physical world.”

Some beautiful, abstract-ish computer effects.

Created by Fabian Aerts.

If Portal 2 was a Rhythm Game (Synchronized Music Map)

“After months of work I’m finally done. The native Portal 2 map editor didn’t allow enough precision for me to synchronize to the music, so I learned how to use Valve’s Hammer editor for this project.”

I still love this game. What a great little (little?!) hack.

Bonus Video!

14 – 1800 Rpm. Spin GoPro Camera in Lathe.

An interesting intersection of speedy rotation versus maximum frame-rate.

I love that these things are so durable. Crazy.

Have a great Friday, and an excellent weekend.


January 3rd, 2020

Happy New Year!

And Happy Friday!

We made it you guyyyysss!!!

Let’s go. Video time!

How Dutch Gouda Is Made At A 100-Year-Old Family Farm

“Every year, 650 million kilos of Gouda cheese is produced in the Netherlands. Most of it is produced industrially, using pasteurized milk, but there are 280 farmers across the country still making raw-milk boerenkaas, or farmer’s cheese.”

Jacob Collier – Moon River

“Hundreds upon hundreds of Jacob Colliers join together in harmony to bring you an acapella rendition of Moon River, composed by Henry Mancini & Johnny Mercer in 1960.”

Mr. Collier has been appearing in my YouTube suggestions for a while now, and he’s definitely a super talented vocalist and (specifically) vocal arranger. Overall musician too.

I’m definitely not alone. The guy gets millions of views. He’s an interesting talent and I liked this interpretation of this iconic song.

Deep Fake Comparison – Deeper metrics of Christmas by Jim Meskimen

I’m a bit late with this one. It’s another deepfake + impressionist mashup, but with interesting transitions.

He’s okay!

Tie Fighter Sculpture that YOU can make at home! (Easy Wood Diy Project)

“Follow along with me as I make a wooden tie fighter from scratch. This is a really fun project that you can do at home! No power tools or shop space needed for this one.”

Actually very fun to watch.

Also: safety first!

Bonus Video!


Adult Swim is weird, in the best possible way.

That’s what I’ve got. Happy New Year!

See you next Friday.


December 27th, 2019

Well happy Friday everybody!

I hope your Christmas / Hannukah / Kwanza has been fantastic.

It’s video time!

LegalEagle: Laws Broken: Home Alone

“Keep the change ya filthy animal, and by ‘filthy animal’ I mean criminal felon.”

All of the laws broken in the first Home Alone movie.

Mark Hamill in Conversation with Frank Oz

“Mark Hamill lands at 92Y for a conversation with the man behind Yoda, legendary puppeteer and filmmaker Frank Oz. Hear from Hamill as he looks back on four decades of Star Wars and his iconic role as the Jedi Master.”

This is worth every minute. So enjoyable. I was not aware how many voices Mr. Hammill has performed in his career. Crazy!

Mini Cannons VS Christmas is Extremely Satisfying

“Slow motion Christmas destructions is extremely satisfying. We were sent some mini cannons from triggercannon.com so with Christmas right around the corner we thought we’d test them out with our Phantom high speed.”

Actually beautifully conceived.

Memories of Tsukiji / Teaser Trailer #2.

“Ruben Fro / Cody Ellingham / SJF

“Future Cities Studio Creates Immersive Photogrammetry Experiences”

This is a very brief intro to what appears to be a beautiful, haunting visual work.

Much more information here.

And this concludes your final Friday links of 2019.

Have a Happy New Year, and hopefully we’ll see you next week.


December 20th, 2019

Happy Friday!

And Merry Xmas. I can’t believe it’s here.

It’s Video time!


“Several T-800 are sent back in time by Skynet. But their mission is scrambled by John Connor.

And now they are all targeting each other!”

Cleverly edited by Fabrice Mathieu

Epic Cycling | Truly Unique Bicycle that Walks

Similar to the massive wooden Strandbeest made by Dutch artist Theo Jansen.

Amazing construction.

AIDAprima Cruise Ship Construction & Christening in 4K by MK timelapse

[self explanatory]

Wow these ships are huge. Way, way bigger than Titanic.

Paul McCartney Sings Some Metal For Christmas

They kept the vocals but layered in an excellent speedcore backup section.

Note: possibly my least favorite xmas song. You’re welcome?

And there you go. Xmas Friday Videos! Yay!

Have a lovely holiday and see you next week.


December 13th, 2019

Happy Friday everybody!

It’s finally here! And it’s Friday the thirteenth!

And look! Videoooos!!

Let’s begin.

DJ Shadow ft. De La Soul – Rocket Fuel

Directed by Sam Pilling.

A great track from two massive talents.

Well made video as well.

Movie Title Breakup

“A couple breaks up with each other (via the use of 154 movie titles).”

This video moves super fast. Well done.

Mariah Manson – “All I Want For Christmas is the Beautiful People”

From Bill McClintock.

Actually works really well!

Also: weirdly making the rounds!

J’Adore starring Mr. Bean

A deepfake replacing Charlize Theron’s face with that of Rowan Atkinson.

Can’t un-see!

That’s it folks!

Have yourself a merry little Friday.

See you next week.


December 6th, 2019

It’s Friday!

It’s December!

We’re all here! We made it!

A quick note that I didn’t really create a new Christmas guide this year. I simply ran out of time. But I linked to the previous gift and giving guide over on the Friday Links, and added a couple of new items, and I think it could still be worth a look. Merry Christmas!

And now: Videos!

Tuba Skinny – Jubilee Stomp – Royal Street

“Recorded in New Orleans 04/07/2018”

New Orleans street music kills!

The Trick That Made Animation Realistic

In a word: rotoscoping, a technique still used today.

Hey speaking of animation…

Andrea Animates

Andrea Animates

“Andrea Love is an independent animator and director based in Port Townsend, WA.”

Her Instagram is also worth a look. (My favorite here.)


This MIT Engineer Built His Own Bionic Leg

“At MIT’s Media Lab, researchers are developing prosthetic limbs that users can control with their minds, making a robotic foot move as seamlessly as a biological one.”

And that’s that! Friday Videos allll set.

Get out there and have a fantastic weekend everybody!


November 29th, 2019

Welcome to the last Friday of November 2019.

Can you believe it? So fast!

It’s video time. Let’s go!


A film by Chris Bryan

“Heres some of my favourite moments from 2018. All images where shot using The Phantom Flex 4K camera with Leica Summilux lenses and Chris Bryan Films custom underwater housing’s.”

Absolutely stunning footage.

More info at his website.

Billie Eilish: Same Interview, The Third Year | Vanity Fair

“Vanity Fair has time capsuled Billie Eilish’s responses to the same questions for the last three years and tracked the almost-18-year-old’s swift rise to pop super stardom.”

Their last version of this was actually how I ever came to know about Billie Eilish in the first place.

She’s a super interesting person, going through a whirlwind circus on a daily basis.

Making the rounds, somewhat obviously.

How the Big Green Egg is Made

“Since 1974, producing the highest quality ceramic cookers has been the mission of Big Green Egg.”

I still covet these but have no place to put them.

Pretty great.

Thermite Thanksgiving

“Cooking a twenty-five pound turkey in under thirty seconds with ten pounds of thermite.”

Hopefully it doesn’t really need to be said but: DO NOT ATTEMPT!

Holy CRAP that actually looks terrifying.

Have a lovely weekend everybody. See you in December.


November 22nd, 2019


It’s hear and it’s spectacular.

Let’s watch some videos!

Bar installs 70+ Big Mouth Billy Bass fish to sing popular songs

“Do you remember the Big Mouth Bill Bass singing fish that was so popular back in the 90s? The owner of the Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club in Chicago bought more than 70 of them, hung them on the wall and choreographed them all to sing popular songs.”

They helpfully link to an actual view of a performance here.

A complicated setup! I like it. (Sort of.)

UAV drone LED light show before the Air Show at T-MOTOR HQ

“T-MOTOR HQ locates in Nanchang city, where the first Airplane of The People’s Republic of China took off.”

This must have looked absolutely stunning in person. Crazy!

Life in Miniature

“Kath Holden is an artist of the everyday. Inspired by the world around her, Kath’s creations are whimsical yet keenly observed, and a far cry from the genteel museum pieces that her contemporaries are producing.”

It’s weird: they’re just “ordinary” items.

How Do We Know How Old The Sun Is?

“ROG astronomer Brendan explains how we determine the age of our Solar System from space rocks and how we can work out how long the Sun has left before it engulfs the inner planets.”

Well spoken little short animated video.

Sent in by Ashy T.

That, as they say, is a wrap.

Happy Friday!

See you next week I hope.


November 15th, 2019

Yay Friday!

And now we’re officially in “the Holiday Season”. This year zipped right by.

But it’s Friday! And there are videos!

Even More Covers

“A series of 66 animated vintage book graphics”

Created by animator Henning M. Lederer

You can also see the two previous videos in the same vein. Really beautifully executed.



MRE® is a motion / Graphic designer from the UK.

Some incredible work here.

His Instagram feed is excellent as well (personal fave here.)

Inside a $5.5M Floating Mansion in Miami

I mean I guess that’s one way to react to climate change.

It’s beautiful, but also as expected: way over the top.

Sony Northlandz

This video offers no content in its description. It’s actually a short documentary about one of the world’s largest model railroad sets. Created by Bruce Zaccagnino (miniatures), Matthew Albanese (photographer)

This video is also a promo for the Sony DSC-QX100 camera module for mobile phones, which is now discontinued.

It’s actually an incredibly impressive setup. Crazy.

Also (related, and making the rounds) there’s this story about Rod Stewart’s incredibly detailed model railroad. Who knew?!

These have been your Friday Videos!

See you next week.