October 11th, 2019

Well happy Friday everybody!

And where I live, it’s a long weekend.

But never mind that, let’s get to the videooooos.

For whatever reason, cars played a big part in this week’s videos. It’s just the way it turned out.

Universal Machine

“Shot in the Arabian desert with a haunting backdrop of the Burj Khalifa, Universal Machine is set in a post-apocalyptic world where a gifted young girl must find a way to understand and overcome a violent encounter with a life-like android”

Really well executed.

The Self-Driving Race Car

“I got an email asking if I wanted to be driven around the most famous racetrack in Britain by an autonomous racing car. I wasn’t going to refuse that offer.”

From the ubiquitous Tom Scott.

Not run at full speed but still pretty cool.

1000 Abandoned Cars Found in Cave Mysteriously – Caverns Of Lost Souls

That’s a lot of cars! Wow.

This is located in Ceredigion, Wales.

BATMAN: A Story by Keaton Patti’s Bot

A video inspired by this tweet from comedian Keaton Patti.

I like it!

Have a happy Friday and a lovely (long?) weekend everybody!


October 4th, 2019

Welcome to Friday! And October! And videos!

Here we go!

Skydio 2

A smart, fully autonomous drone camera.

I don’t need it, but holy cow this is an interesting product.

GrossDomesticProduct™ – Banksy Installation

It’s a housewares store. Sort of. It’s Banksy. It’s complicated.

Much more info at Colossal. [h/t: kottke, among others]

LEGO Technic Roller Coaster-ish Ride

“Making them in LEGO technic figure scale is very challenging because unlike the smaller mini figure scale, there’s no curved track parts to make it go around corners.”

Quite a piece of work, and beautifully shot and edited.

Japan – Senri no michi mo ippo kara

Phonetic Japanese for the phrase: “Even a road of thousand miles begins with a single step.”

“Filmed and created by Nicolas Bailleul in Japan. Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto and Koyasan.”

Beautifully shot.

That…. is that. We’re all video’d up.

See you in a week, Friday people.


September 27th, 2019

Happy Friday!

It’s the end of September and there are videos!!

Space Story: A Bad Day

A single sci-fi short story created by mashing up 25 existing sci-fi films.

Just beautifully executed.

Somehow not making the rounds.

A brief history of chess – Alex Gendler

A Ted-Ed talk from Sept. 19th.

“Trace the storied history of the game of chess, from its origins in 7th century India to the computer software we use today.”

I have always been awful at this game, but I love its history.

21 Levels of Skateboarding with Tony Hawk: Easy to Complex

A teeeeenytiny master class.

Level 21: The 1260. Holy crap.

Just A Closer Walk With Thee – Doreen’s Jazz

“Traditional Jazz, recorded 8th of October 2010 in New Orleans Royal St”


And those are this week’s Friday Videos!

You’re freeeeeeee!

See you next week everybody.


September 20th, 2019

Well Happy Friday!

And sadly, it is now Autumn. It’s here. Already. So fast.

But! I have videos!

You Can’t Take My Door

“Generated by Recursive Neural Network / Trained on Country Music”

Remember this era because at some point recursive neural network A.I. will become so adept at everything that this will seem so, so quaint by comparison.

Disney Classics I

“Disney wanted to pay tribute to some of their most symbolic animation movies. For that, they selected a scene from each movie and asked us to recreate it in a minimalist and abstract way, using geometric and color shapes.”

Created by “2veinte”. (website)

Interesting approaches. Sort of a deconstruction of well-known animation.

How a Costume Designer Creates an Iconic Look

“Costumes help to teach us more about a character, to better establish a setting, and to tell the story; this video essay aims to expand on the role of a costume designer and how they do what they do.”

From Film Radar. Very well researched.

Alex Trebek saying the word “genre” on Jeopardy!

[self explanatory]

His pronunciation is weird. 🙂

And that, as we say in the biz, is that!

Have a happy Friday! See you next week I hope.


September 13th, 2019

Hooray for Friday!

It’s finally here. But also! Some videos. AND! It’s also Friday.

Oh wait.

OK Here goes.

Burning Man Art Tour 2019 4K

As usual, pretty inspiring works here. And crazy people.

Also caution: some nudity. (Inescapable. It’s Burning Man!)

Treasures In The Trash

“For 34 years, New York Sanitation worker, Nelson Molina collected items in the trash on his route in East Harlem. Over 45,000 items, all catalogued and organized on the second floor of the M11 garage.”

I bet there are a lot of people in the sanitation industry like this. Maybe not to this scale, but I bet they’re out there.

Interactive Gym Wall – 4th grade kidsInteractive Gym Wall – 4th grade kids

“Here is a glimpse of a new project we were prototyping today in a nice elementary school in Quebec City.”

From 2017. It’s unclear if this became a full-fledged product but it should be.


“A guy convinces his wife to try out a new A.I. technology to spice up their sex life, but ends up getting a bit more spice than he bargained for.”

A short film social commentary on the “deepfakes” era we’re currently in.

These have been your Friday Videos. I hope your weekend is amazing.

See you next week everybody.


September 6th, 2019

Hap—-py Friday!

And happy September!

It’s video time…

Southern University Human Jukebox 2019 “Roses” by OutKast

The YouTube Channel is definitely also worth a look.

The band’s website states “Often imitated, but never duplicated, the band prides itself in the unique ability to execute precision drills better than any other marching ensemble in the country.”

Their musicianship and entertainment factor is off the charts.

A Year Ago I Put Saltwater in a Jar, This Happened

This led to me going down a multi video rabbithole about self-growing seawater ecosystems.

These people are super talented at taking care of these in-home aquariums. Super interesting.

Toy Wars 3

“Directed by Brian Cheng”

A very cleverly realized stop-motion short film in super-wide aspect ratio.

Surprisingly not making the rounds.

Watch this awesome droid orchestra! – LEGO Star Wars™ BOOST Droid Commander

“Watch what happens when LEGO and creative wiz Sam Battle join forces to create a Star Wars™ droid orchestra!”

Making the rounds.

There’s also a behind the scenes video on how it was made

Fairly complicated!

Well there we go. Friday Videos, allll wrapped up.

Have a great Friday everybody.


August 30th, 2019

Happy Friiiiiday!

How a single-celled organism almost wiped out life on Earth – Anusuya Willis

“Anusuya Willis explains how cyanobacteria, simple organisms that don’t even have nuclei or any other organelles, wrote a pivotal chapter in the story of life on Earth. “

A very short little Ted-Ed talk. I found this super interesting.

The Super Zoom

“CG animation of amazing zoom to macro view to the “quantum world”, shown on an approximate scale of the reality of physics.”


Rapper’s Delight – Performed by Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant

[self explanatory]

Someone had to do it.

Someone should do “Hey Google, Can I Kick It?” next…

Egg McMuffin – Director’s Cut

“To promote McDonald’s Egg McMuffin, I worked with TBWA, on a campaign consisting of 15 ‘oddly satisfying gifs. This poject shows all my graphical search, as a director’s cut.”

Created by Matthieu Braccini and ssssort of making the rounds.

That’s that, everybody!

Have a great (long?) weekend.


August 23rd, 2019

Heyooooo: Friday!

This month is just racing right along, huh?

How’s about some videos?

Star Wars: A.I. Explains What “A New Hope” is ACTUALLY About

“What happens when a computer watches #StarWars and tries to explain it? Something like this….”

“C-3PO takes a bath while a teenager plays with his toys the boy wastes time.”

Not real “A.I.”, but in some ways not far off from that kind of result.

Nigerian teens make sci-fi films with smartphones

“Using a smartphone and a tripod made from a broken microphone stand, they start. A blower generates air and buffets the actor who, in the film, will be flying through the air.”

The final result looks like this. Pretty impressive!

h/t: kottke

„SAY_SUPERSTRINGS“ / A Real-Time Generative Installation Performance Of Electrical Activity In The Musician’s Brain!

“Ouchhh created a cognitive performance that we generated real-time brain waves at the Deep Space with the South Korean/German trio. At a concert which we visualized the changes in brain wave activities in real-time, we transformed the Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta and Gamma brain waves into a real-time concert experience that is wrapped around by generating the data about emotion, focus & attention, some auditory and neural mechanisms with electroencephalogram (EEG).”

A complicated piece of technical art.

Much more information here.

Kind of Blue 60th Anniversary

“In 1959, Miles Davis went to Columbia Records in Manhattan to forge a new style of music improvisation. With the company of other legendary musicians, like John Coltrane and Bill Evans, Kind of Blue was recorded; the greatest selling jazz album of all time.”

Not even my favorite Miles Davis album, but obviously still great.

Bonus Video!

Shenzhen: City of the Future | Aerial Tour of Shenzhen China

[self explanatory]

I heart stabilized drone photography.

That about wraps it up for this warm, fabulous Friday everybody.

Have a great weekend!


August 16th, 2019

Hey Friday what’s up?

Guess what time it is…

It’s video time!

Here we go…

Cnc engraving on brass

Created by Phuc Nguyen. This appears to be a medallion-sized piece of metal (~5 inches in diameter.)

He doesn’t have too many videos, but he’s on to something.


“Kathryn Engberg (25), the third generation artist in her family, was exposed to art from a very young age. Watching her mother and grandmother paint and spending time in their respective studios was a regular and natural part of her childhood.”

Her work is really outstanding.

How Film Gets Processed

This is a quick video touring the Richard Photo Lab in Valencia, CA.

I still shoot film.

Stephen King’s CATS (Trailer Mashup)

Even Stephen King himself retweeted this video. Amazing.

And there go our Friday Videos for this week.

Have a great, warm, safe, relaxing Friday everybody.

See you next Friday!


August 9th, 2019

Well hello Friday people!

It’s Friday Video fun times!!

New York frozen with 960fps Super Slow Motion

“Made using the Galaxy S10 super slow mo feature.”

That’s pretty great. I had no idea that was a thing.


Created by Mike Pelletier

In this animation he creates a large number of 3d human models, removes all bone structure from them, and throws them into each other.

It looks frantic and weird.

His website features many more of these experiments.

Making the rounds.

Jakarta Joy (4k – Time lapse – Tilt Shift)

By Berlin-based photography Joerg Daiber, aka: Spoonfilm.


Beastie Boys | Sabotage | Sesame Street Mashup

“Mashup of the cast of Sesame Street reenacting “Sabotage” by the Beastie Boys.”

Footage mostly from the movie “Follow That Bird”.

Excellently done.

There we go! Ta daaaa!

See you next week everybody.