April 29th, 2022

Welcome back to Friday!

Whuhoooooo we did it.

Final April Friday video time…

Michelle Yeoh Breaks Down ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’ Scene with Directors | Vanity Fair

This little video is so full of complicated filmmaking information, but also immense creativity and adventurousness.

The mixture of the complexity of the film’s story (anyway!) and THEN adding Covid-19 lockdowns to the shooting schedule means they really had to improvise a lot.

Really amazing.

Guitar through modular synth sounds ridiculous

From quite popular YouTuber and accomplished musician Andrew Huang this shows the crazy range of things you can do to the sound of a guitar using various parts of a massive modular synthesizer.

I’m not sure it’s particularly “musical” but it’s… interesting.

Pachelbel train horn – Prague Main Railway Station

Exactly what it says. Pachelbel’s Canon performed by carefully edited train horns.

Want to see a quokka eat a leaf?

…Of course you do!

I hope your Friday has been happy, and calm, and positive, and I hope your weekend is lovely.

See you next week.