April 22nd, 2022

Well hello Friday folks!

It’s video tiiiiiiime!!!!

Let’s get it!

T-Pain reacting to “HOW IS PRANGENT FORMED” by J.T. Sexkik

I dunno about you but I defffffinitely needed this video this week. Holy crap. He loses his mind!!

The original is here but I believe the T-Pain reaction video is the way better choice.

I Made This Crazy Clock!

Alexandre Chappel 3d-printed a custom-designed timepiece.

It’s a lot of work, and a very clever design. Well done.

Plastic bricks in Kenya – NZAMBI MATEE – Young Champion of the Earth 2020 for Africa

Not just any bricks: these are stronger than concrete.

We certainly have enough plastic waste in the world. I sure hope this is the first of millions of ideas of how to re-use all of that.

Well done.

Strandbeest Evolution 2021

“Every spring I go to the beach with a new beast. During the summer I do all kinds of experiments with the wind, sand and water. In the fall I grew a bit wiser about how these beasts can survive the circumstances on the beach. At that point I declare them extinct and they go to the bone yard.”

Making the rounds, and for good reason.

Some magnificent creations here. So complex but also so beautiful when they’re in motion. All powered by wind. Amazing.

Well there we are. We did it! We got through the week AND we got to watch some clever videos. Nice!

Have a great weekend everybody.