March 11th, 2022

Happy Friday!

It’s the second anniversary of the declaration of the covid-19 pandemic.

I hope you’re all doing as well as possible. Where I live, things are slowly reopening.

And now it’s video time!

Putin’s oligarchs & the London Laundromat

“Buckle up. Come on a tour of London with a difference and find out how Putin’s oligarchs hide and spend their money in the capital. Money-laundering expert Oliver Bullough is your guide”

The real problem is just an utter lack of real forward motion when it comes to law enforcement spending and enforcement.

This could literally be any major city in any western country, just that London appears to be an epicenter.

Seth Rogen & Nick Offerman Test Crafting Gadgets | WIRED

“Nick Offerman is as well known for his craftwork as he is for acting, and Seth Rogen’s pottery skills are next-level. So, who better than them to step in as WIRED correspondents* for a day and review a gaggle of crafting gadgets.”

I will admit: not a pairing I expected, and they work pretty well together.

Also: Nick Offerman has shaved (!)

108 Rare and Bizarre Media Types

From YouTuber “The 8-Bit Guy”, who has a significant following.

I don’t really like his delivery but wow this is a crazy array of media and data storage methods.

Nerdy. Yes.

Pockit: A tiny, powerful, modular computer (2022 demo)

“A demo of modular electronics with Pockit as of early 2022, after several upgrades in the recent months based on everyone’s feedback.”

Much more info on their website.

A pretty educational little setup. I like it!

Your Friday is now full of videos.

Have a great weekend everybody.