February 25th, 2022

Welcome back to Friday everybody!

And it’s the last one for Feb. 2022. Farewell!!

I hope you are all doing as well as possible. This is (again) quite the year!

And now… Video time!

Atari ST, Cubase 2, Akai sampler Jungle track – N4 Records Pete Cannon

This was the state of the art from 1987 through 1996 or so. Fatboy Slim used this kind of setup. So did Goldy.

I worked in a studio from 1992 through early 1994 that (among other equipment) also had these devices. It was a lot.

Now your laptop, and in fact your phone, can do much of this on its own.

Henrik Schwarz – Satie: Gymnopédie No. 3 (Henrik Schwarz Rework)

“Fragments invites electronic artists to combine traditional and modern composition inspired by works of the French minimal music pioneer, Erik Satie.”

From Mr. Schwarz’s “Project Fragments“.

h/t: NagOnTheLake.

Seabreacher Info. Video

“This is the SeaBreacher; a high-performance, semi-submersible watercraft.”

This thing looks frikkin’ fantastic to ride.

10 minutes of fascinating deep-sea animals | Into The Deep

“Enjoy 10 minutes of mesmerizing deep-sea animals filmed by MBARI’s remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) in the depths of Monterey Bay and beyond.”

“MBARI” stands for the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute


Also: Aliens… they’re here.

This concludes your Friday Videos for the last Friday in February.

Have a lovely weekend everybody. See you next week.