February 25th, 2022

Welcome back to Friday everybody!

And it’s the last one for Feb. 2022. Farewell!!

I hope you are all doing as well as possible. This is (again) quite the year!

And now… Video time!

Atari ST, Cubase 2, Akai sampler Jungle track – N4 Records Pete Cannon

This was the state of the art from 1987 through 1996 or so. Fatboy Slim used this kind of setup. So did Goldy.

I worked in a studio from 1992 through early 1994 that (among other equipment) also had these devices. It was a lot.

Now your laptop, and in fact your phone, can do much of this on its own.

Henrik Schwarz – Satie: Gymnopédie No. 3 (Henrik Schwarz Rework)

“Fragments invites electronic artists to combine traditional and modern composition inspired by works of the French minimal music pioneer, Erik Satie.”

From Mr. Schwarz’s “Project Fragments“.

h/t: NagOnTheLake.

Seabreacher Info. Video

“This is the SeaBreacher; a high-performance, semi-submersible watercraft.”

This thing looks frikkin’ fantastic to ride.

10 minutes of fascinating deep-sea animals | Into The Deep

“Enjoy 10 minutes of mesmerizing deep-sea animals filmed by MBARI’s remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) in the depths of Monterey Bay and beyond.”

“MBARI” stands for the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute


Also: Aliens… they’re here.

This concludes your Friday Videos for the last Friday in February.

Have a lovely weekend everybody. See you next week.


February 18th, 2022

Welcome back to Friday everybody!

Ready to see some videos?

Yeah you are! Let’s go!

All the pop-up meme cards I’ve made so far (Pop-up book of memes 2022 update)

“This is a video compilation of all the pop-up memes I’ve made so far. I will use these (or a selection) for my #popupbookofmemes project.”

From YouTuber and crafter “PaperPaul“.

These are great!

Casino Cheating Expert Reviews Card Counting and Casino Scams From Movies

“Casino game protection expert Sal Piacente reviews notorious card counting and casino game cheating scenes from films including ‘Rain Man,’ ‘Rounders,’ ‘The Sting,’ ‘Austin Powers,’ ‘Casino,’ ‘Ocean’s Thirteen,’ ‘The Cooler,’ ‘Runner Runner,’ ‘Now You See Me 2,’ ‘Shade’ and ’21.'”

He knows some interesting tricks.

A great little video.

Monkeyball Masterclass

“It’s not about the ball. It’s about the Monkey inside.”

A fake “Master Class” for playing the classic Nintendo GameCube game “Super Monkey Ball”. (Which definitely is hard!)

Funny. Accurate.

The ancient secrets revealed by deciphered tablets | BBC Ideas

“Cuneiform is the earliest known form of writing. For thousands of years, no one was able to translate it. When it was finally cracked, it gave us some astonishing insights into the ancient world…”

Fantastic little mini-doc on the discovery of how to translate ancient text.

Sent in by Jennifer R.

And there we go! Friday Videos, sorted!

Have a happy Friday and an excellent (long?) weeekend!

See you next week!


February 11th, 2022

Welcome back, Friday people!

Halfway through February already!

And now it’s video time…

Ikea Heights

A soap opera, shot surreptitiously inside an Ikea in Burbank, California.

What a bizarre idea.

The amount of rehearsal for this must be amazing. It all has to be done in one shot (using multiple phones.)

Counting 25 Gallons of Coins at 10,000 Coins per min!

“Let’s take a look at the amazing technology of the Cummins Allision Jetsort coin sorter. This is an older 1994 model but they all work the same. The Jetsort is way faster than Coinstar!This company practically wiped out all other cash and coin counting companies with their superior tech. “

The thing sounds like it’s grinding down the coins. Way faster than I expected.

Voldemort laugh in different languages

Random. What a weird variety of styles applied to such a transient moment in a film.

1/64 Diecast Cars 80s Movie Style Crash Compilation

Just exactly the right amount of slo-mo.

Congratulations, you’ve been Friday Video’d!

Have a great weekend. See you next Friday!


February 4th, 2022

Happy Friday!

And welcome to February, 2022!

AirCar Flying Car Cleared for Takeoff!

“The challenging flight tests included the full range of flight and performance manoeuvres and demonstrated an astonishing static and dynamic stability in the aircraft mode. AirCar flew 70+ hours of test flights, incl. cross country with 200 takeoffs and landings.”

It’s happening.

A pretty great looking vehicle.

The Linda Lindas – “Growing Up”

This fun video is also a jam! They remind me a little of early Weezer. Also: cats!

Frederick Douglass | The Most Photographed American of the 19th Century

I had no idea! Super interesting.

Also: happy Black History Month.

World Record Domino Structure Gets DEMOLISHED

Weirdly, hexagonal in shape.

It’s beautiful! And then it’s gone.

Well there we go. Friday Videos!

I hope your weekend is fantastic. Stay safe out there.

See you next week.