January 21st, 2022

Happy Friday!

Here we are again! Yaaaaay.

I hope you’re all doing well.

Gordon Ramsay goes HEAVY METAL!

Despite being funny, this kind of exercise is extremely challenging to do well.

This is YouTuber and metal guitarist Andre Antunes.

Making the rounds. Well done.


“Everyone must have had thoughts like these before:

“Broccoli and parsley may sometimes look like a forest of trees, and tree leaves floating on the surface of water may sometimes look like little boats. Everyday occurrences seen from a miniature perspective can bring us lots of fun thoughts.”

His Instagram is a must-see. The way he transforms everyday objects into tiny-people infrastructure is fascinating.

Virtual Ancient Rome in 3D – Aerial view, 8 minute flight over the detailed reconstruction

As it would have appeared in the year 4AD, when Caesar Augustus was the emperor.

More detailed than I was expecting. Well done.

Black Listing with Emily V. Gordon and Gloria Calderón Kellett

In this episode, they compare their favourite 80’s movie dance scenes.

Just a fun little segment.

Suggested by Traci T.

And there we go! Friday! And Videos! Together again!

Have a lovely weekend everybody. See you next week.