December 21st, 2021

Happy Friday everybody!

And it is the LAST Friday of this miserable year. Congratulations. We made it (so far.)

I only have three videos this week just because holidays etc.

I hope you’re all doing as well as possible.

Here we go!

Putting a Gigantic Rocket Motor In a Christmas Tree

Xyla works with several actual rocket scientists to launch a christmas tree several dozen feet into the air.

Because Christmas!

It’s actually quite thrilling. She’s fantastic.

Another Boring Day With Dave Simpson

“My right hand is doing the bass strings, my left hand is doing the guitar fretboard.” (and vice versa)

Especially as they hit the solo that is… crrrrrazy.

Well done!

1900s Antique Telephone Restoration

I know this may not be for everybody, but the sheer amount of technical knowledge required to put this thing together again is kind of amazing.

Huzzah! Friday Videos! Now completed for 2021! Whuhoooo!!

Happy New Year everybody. See you next week.