December 17th, 2021

Well hello Friday!

We made it you guys!

And it’s the last Friday in North American Autumn. So many accomplishments!

And now it’s also video time…

This Is A Film About The James Webb Space Telescope

“The James Webb Space Telescope is about to be LAUNCHED INTO SPACE. Once it’s there, it will see much farther into the depths of the universe than we have ever seen before, giving us a look at what’s happened out there billions of year ago!”

It was supposed to launch on Saturday morning but may be delayed again due to some technical issues.

Assuming its launch and deployment are successful, It’s going to be an incredible device in the coming decades.

Why Was ‘The Exorcist’ So Scary to Audiences of 1973? (No Spoilers)

“… Just how extreme did people react, and why was ‘The Exorcist’ so scary to the audiences of 1973?”

This is from the perspective of CinemaTyler a burgeoning YouTube film aficionado who explores this question from the perspective of: it’s always been a classic. How was it perceived on day 1?

It’s interesting!

How did the Enigma Machine work?

“Let’s use 3D animation to go inside the Enigma Machine!”

Just keep in mind: this tech was invented in the late 1930s, and led to the first major computing efforts in the early 1940s to decrypt the messages. Insane.

Keeping A Grocery Store Lobster As A Pet

“What is it like to buy a Lobster from the grocery store seafood section and keep it in a saltwater aquarium at home as a pet? This video shows you just how this went.”

Weird! But also super interesting.

Well Happy Friday! And have a fantastic weekend everybody.

Happy Holidays! See you in a week.