November 26th, 2021

It is Friday!

In America, yesterday was Thanksgiving. Huzzah!

And we have a weekend coming up. Life is okay!

Video time!!


“A poetic interlude between a reality and an abstraction, this experimental short was produced by artists from Pixar’s Effects team, working in collaboration to create a startlingly original piece of filmmaking.”

It appears to be a 10% virtual depiction of the effects of climate change.

Beautiful. Scary.

The Polaroid Camera: Where did it come from?

“When Edwin Land’s daughter asked why she couldn’t see a photograph immediately after it was taken, inspiration struck. Learn how this prolific inventor polarized light and made every camera user an amateur film developer in this episode.”

Official World Record! Fantastic Classical Music Medley played by a Train

What a crazy setup!

Kind of delightful as we enter the holiday season for real.

One Man Does 40 Animal Sounds

This is YouTube goofball Rudi Rok, who previously performed 30 other animal sounds.


Friday: All video’d up!

Thanks for following along at home.

Have a lovely weekend everybody. See you next Friday!