October 15th, 2021

Hellooooo Friday People!

It is video time. And the weekend is almost here.

Let’s go!

Reimagining a British Icon in collaboration with Wes Anderson

“Step aboard the British Pullman, a Belmond train and an icon of the rails, and discover an exclusive design partnership with legendary film director Wes Anderson.”

Yes! Wes Anderson assisted in custom designing a pullman car for this vintage railway.

Because of COURSE he did!

In my opinion they should make a much longer version of this video. (All of their videos are 1:30 or shorter.)

Can this Cuttlefish Pass an Intelligence Test Designed for Children?

“Witness a hungry, color-changing cuttlefish take part in an oddly adorable, psychological test. Following days of training, the cuttlefish is faced with the decision to strike and devour one of two tempting prey: Will it wait for the live crayfish or immediately strike the shrimp?”

The “Stanford marshmallow experiment“, used against cuttlefish.

A sentence I never thought I would ever type.

history of the entire orchestra, I guess

“Why is orchestra the way it is? Why are some instruments in and some instruments out? Where are the electric guitars, synthesizers, saxophones, accordions?”

Created by UK YouTuber David Bruce Composer.

It’s a pretty good, not super long, dive into the topic.

Well there we go. Friday allll video’d up!

The crane that fell for her keeper

“Chris Crowe, an animal keeper at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute, has discovered a new way to grow the population of endangered white-naped cranes”

Birds are so weird!!

Great story though.

I appreciate you guys so much and I hope you’re all doing well.

Next week: more videos!

See you then.