September 3rd, 2021

Happy Friday!

And where I live, it’s a Long Weekend™!

I hope your Friday is fantastic. It’s video time!


This is a complicated, detailed build.

It’s very elegantly constructed, and his soldering skills are absolutely pro.

Maiden Goes To Hollywood (Iron Maiden + Frankie Goes To Hollywood Mashup) by Wax Audio

“Both featured their own epic track based on the poetry of Samuel Taylor Coleridge. And both clocked in at almost exactly 13 minutes and 40 seconds.”


A mashup whose core is Samuel Taylor Coleridge!

If mashups existed in 1984 this would have gone to number 1.

Well done!

When You’re Done Flying the Goodyear Blimp, You Don’t Just Tie It Down and Go Home

“Goodyear has three iconic airships in the U.S. and a fourth based in Europe. For AirVenture 2021, they had Wingfoot Three stationed at Oshkosh for the entire week, where AVweb’s Paul Bertorelli spent a glorious half day fooling around the airship and interviewing the crew.”

We Popped A Giant Internet Balloon!

This is a fun behind the scenes of Google’s “Project Loon” which provides internet from stratospheric balloons.

A pretty cool idea!

And there we go! Friday, all full of videos.

Happy Friday! And have a great (long?) weekend.