July 30th, 2021

Hellooooo Friday!

We made it again you guys! I hope you are all doing okay. What a month.

Readyyyyy? Go!

Mike Dawes – Jump (Van Halen) Solo Acoustic Guitar

“When I was 14 I heard Eddie Van Halen play for the first time and his playing changed my world. From transcribing his iconic ‘Beat It’ solo at school to attempting his signature techniques on the acoustic guitar.”

This guy is good! I’d never heard of him before. Really talented. Great tone. Really diverse player.

Galley Diaries #1 – Food Prep on a Super Yacht

From YouTuber TheCrewChef aka Nina Wilson.

She walks usthrough the maintenance of the galley, ingredients, prep, plating and serving.

I could not do this job, and it’s one I was considering doing for a while.

Machine learning breakthrough: Robot runs a 5k

“The OSU Dynamic Robotics Laboratory’s research team, led by Agility Robotics’ Jonathan Hurst, combined expertise from biomechanics and robot controls with new machine learning tools to accomplish something new: train a bipedal robot to run a full 5K on a single battery charge!”

Meet “Cassie”.

Note:: not about speed. More about endurance.

When you’re bored in The Sims so you create 298 clones of the same character

This Irish Twitch funny guy “RTGame

He is funny. He does funny things in a variety of games but this particular sequence made my day.

And look at that! Friday Videos. Sorted!

Happy Friday! Stay safe this (long?) weekend.