May 28th, 2021

It is Friday!

It is the last Friday in May!

It is Video Time!!

I hope you’re all well. Let’s begin…

Abandoned Store Left in 1963 | Everything is Still Inside

This is the “153 Mile Store” located in Williams Lake, in the interior of British Columbia.

The store is immaculate and has a crazy array of products in it in virtually untouched condition.

There is a movement underway to declare it a Canadian Heritage Site.


Restoring a 85-year-old Leica camera

This is an amazing deep dive into how to take apart, clean, mildly improve, and reassemble a classic, vintage, iconic film camera.

The guy definitely knows what he’s doing.

Engineer Explains Every Roller Coaster For Every Thrill | A World of Difference

That engineer being one Korey Kiepert.

From Wired.

Really well presented.

Also: I miss roller coasters.

Mob Psycho 100 – Opening | 99

The animation reminds me somewhat of Cyriak only definitely smothered with Anime flourishes.

Recommended by Ana D.

There we go! Simple as that!

Happy Friday! And have an excellent weekend.