May 28th, 2021

It is Friday!

It is the last Friday in May!

It is Video Time!!

I hope you’re all well. Let’s begin…

Abandoned Store Left in 1963 | Everything is Still Inside

This is the “153 Mile Store” located in Williams Lake, in the interior of British Columbia.

The store is immaculate and has a crazy array of products in it in virtually untouched condition.

There is a movement underway to declare it a Canadian Heritage Site.


Restoring a 85-year-old Leica camera

This is an amazing deep dive into how to take apart, clean, mildly improve, and reassemble a classic, vintage, iconic film camera.

The guy definitely knows what he’s doing.

Engineer Explains Every Roller Coaster For Every Thrill | A World of Difference

That engineer being one Korey Kiepert.

From Wired.

Really well presented.

Also: I miss roller coasters.

Mob Psycho 100 – Opening | 99

The animation reminds me somewhat of Cyriak only definitely smothered with Anime flourishes.

Recommended by Ana D.

There we go! Simple as that!

Happy Friday! And have an excellent weekend.


May 21st, 2021

It is Friday!

It is late May!

Where I live: It is HOT! And a long weekend.

That’s pretty great!

And! Videos! Let’s gooooo.

Project Starline: Feel like you’re there, together

“Imagine looking through a sort of magic window, and through that window, you see another person, life-size and in three dimensions. Project Starline is a technology project from Google that combines advances in hardware and software to enable friends, families and co-workers to feel together, even when they’re cities (or countries) apart.”

I think I need to see this in person. The reactions here are everything.

Artificial Intelligence converts Spice Girls “Wannabe” into a Nine Inch Nails song [OpenAI Jukebox]

Open AI Jukebox remains a source of crazy entertainment over a year and a half later.

Take A Ride With Me

Take A Ride With Me

“Video Project by Nikolaj Juhlsen”

Select a random ride and watch with sound on or off. Note: Some of them are crazy!

Tender Umbrella Party Ben/VJ Jaren

General Public mashup with Rihanna.

It works!

And there we go. Allll video’d up!

Happy Friday! See you in a week.


May 14th, 2021

Well happy Friday everybody!

We made it again!

This was a good week. I hope yours was too.

Video time!

Mow-Rio Kart | How to play Mario Kart with a lawn mower & drone

“By Ian Padgham, aka @origiful on Instagram

This is BANANAS!!!

So well done. I watched it a few times.

The surprising reason behind Chinatown’s aesthetic

“The iconic ‘Chinatown’ look started as a survival strategy.”

From Vox. Well done.

Enhancing Photorealism Enhancement

Nothing about the title or the description actually tells you what this video is about. 🙂

This is Intel, using a very specific A.I., to make footage from GTA V look more photorealistic.

It’s fascinating!

A Day in Roaring 20’s Berlin | 1927 AI Enhanced Film [ 60 fps,4k]

I like many of these vintage film restoration efforts. The only exception is the audio, which feels tacked on.

This is great. Like it was shot by a time traveler.

Bonus Video!

Baby Got Bach

“Bach, Sir Mix-A-Lot, and conductor Leonard Bernstein join forces in this rousing masterpiece.”

From bizarre YouTuber “There I Ruined It“.

Ta daaaa! Friday Videos! Done!

Happy Friday! See you next week everybody.


May 7th, 2021

Well hello there Friday people!

My week was a little slammed so I unfortunately only have three videos this week. Sorry.

Here we go!

Why a movie like Who Framed Roger Rabbit will NEVER be made again

I mean you can imagine the answer. The budget would be ridiculous.

A pretty great breakdown.

Also I forgot that Robert Zemeckis directed this film. It turns 34 years old this year. Still a great film.

Fly with us on a drone taxi!

The latest “E-Hang” flying taxi flying autonomously in Fuzhou, China a couple of weeks ago.

I’m not gonna lie: I kind of can’t wait to be able to do this. It looks fantastic.

My Metal bunny

A very brief, jaunty animation from YouTuber Aghilation. D’aw?

And there we go! Friday Videos (briefly.)

Happy Friday! Happy May! Happy Weekend!

See you in seven days.