April 16th, 2021

Welcome back to Friday!

Apologies for the hiatus. It’s been a busy month. But I’m back!

Video time.

This Is How A Court Reporter Typewriter Works

Presented by Isabellel Umsden.

Meet Some Of The Last Papyrus Makers In Egypt Keeping A 5,000-Year-Old Craft Alive | Still Standing

“Papyrus paper originated in ancient Egypt. Today, just one village still makes the paper, but after a year without tourists, workers are struggling to keep their doors open.”

I mean, if it’s a purely tourist process, it kind of begs the question of how badly it’s still needed.

Still interesting.

Oh hey speaking of Egypt…

‘Lost golden city’ of 3,000 years unearthed in Egypt

“What is believed to be the largest ancient city found in Egypt, Aten, buried under sand for millennia, has been rediscovered, and experts say it is one of the most important finds since the unearthing of Tutankhamun’s tomb.”

Lots going on in the Egyptian archaeological world over the past two years. Love it.

Sandwich Assembly Robot

Wholly unnecessary but still super fun to watch.

Huzzah! We have successfully Friday Video’d together!

Happy Friday!

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