March 26th, 2021


We made it!

It’s slowly getting warmer outside, and slowly the days are getting longer. Love it!

And now: to the Videos!

Weirdly: All of this week’s selections turned out to be food related. Weird!

Lego Chocolate Cake – Lego In Real Life 10

“This video is a stop motion animation created using many photos.

“I don’t actually cook Legos.”

This is really well done.

The Great Midsommar Bake Off

Adding in tension using music and non-contextual editing.

This is brilliant!

Making A US Big Mac Using All 54 McDonald’s Ingredients | Fast Food Chemistry

That special sauce is the killer.

54 ingredients!

what if the Banana was the same distance as the ISS

This is making the rounds and is… kind of hilarious.

A woman’s voice repeatedly says “Banana” using a bunch of different inflections.

Super weird video. But I love it!

All done. Alllll video’d up.

Happy Friday! Happy Weekend!

Stay safe, and we’ll see you next Friday!