March 5th, 2021

Well hello there Friday!

We have arrived at Friday.

And look: It’s already March 2021! So fast.

You know what that means: Video time!

Let’s go!!


Shot with the protagonist doing everything backwards, then run forwards.

This is from 2013. Unclear how I missed this. Really well executed.

h/t Miss Celenia.

2,000,000 Ultra Mega Dance Party

From video weirdo Cyriak, who hit 2 million followers and celebrated with… this!

Mathematical Present Wrapping

“Mathematician Katie Steckles takes you through some mathematically satisfying ways to wrap presents using paper.”

Nothing crazy.

This is a christmas video but applies to any giftwrapping you may need to do.

Some quite satisfying solutions here.

How Russians Play the Accordion, Vodka Style

This is accordionist Ivan Zamotaev appearing on “Russia’s Got Talent” in 2014.

He’s pretty talented!

Seems to be making the rounds.

And there we go. Allll video’d up.

Have an excellent Friday, and a fantastic weekend.