February 26th, 2021

Happy Friday everybody!

And a fond farewell to February 2021. That was fast.

Perseverance Rover’s Descent and Touchdown on Mars (Official NASA Video)

Perseverance Rover’s Descent and Touchdown on Mars (Official NASA Video)

With added soundtrack by Hans Zimmer.

OBVIOUSLY making the rounds but so, so good.

I Lost my Miss America Crown in SPACE

This is from

Xyla Foxlin (again) who is great.

Educational! Exciting! Space! Engineering! Fashion!

Super interesting statement on pageants as well.

You Give Love A Bad Rasputin (Bon Jovi\ Boney M.)

What a bizarre mashup!

Created by Shahar Varshal, who has created several other weird mashups.

Bonus Video!

Snow Trampoline on Skis towed by 245 HP Car | DD Squad

“YES – we put a TRAMPOLINE ON SKIS and towed it with a car across a snow-covered field!”

…For great justice?

And look at that! Friday Videos allll wrapped up!

I hope your Friday is excellent, and your weekend is calm and relaxing.

Stay safe out there everybody.


February 19th, 2021

Hello Fridayyyyyyy! [https://twitter.com/p_webs/status/1357893567729946626]

We did it again. Phew.

Here we go: videos!!


Depicting the formation of snowflakes under a microscope.

So beautiful.

Accent Expert Gives a Tour of U.S. Accents – (Part One) | WIRED

“Dialect coach Erik Singer takes us on a tour of different accents across English-speaking North America.”

There is also a part 2.

My Pet Rats Predict The Stock Market

This guy gave his pet rats $100 each to “invest” in the stock market.

This is where we are now. Crazy

Rick Astley – Never Gonna Give You Up (Remastered 4K 60 FPS)

This is weird.

With the recent spate of vintage film “remastering” using AI to increase the frame rate, THIS is not where I expected this tech to turn next.

And there we go! Friday is alllll video’d up.

Have a great weekend you guys.

See you in a week.


February 12th, 2021

Hey it’s Friday everybody!

I was actually super busy this week! It made it go by really quickly. I do not mind. Next week may be even busier. I am ready for it.

I recognize not everybody is busy right now. I’m just so thankful to have that going on.

Also it’s a long weekend where I live. (What’s that?)

Okay. Videos!

How Marvel Actually Makes Movies Years Before Filming | Movies Insider

“[Digital production company] The Third Floor is one of the world’s top visualization studios and has worked on 19 of the 23 installments in Marvel’s “Infinity Saga.” From previs and stuntvis to techvis and postvis, The Third Floor’s work on Marvel movies runs through the entire production process.”

Effectively these are fully virtualized, animated films, with live action overlaid into specific scenes.

I mean we all know this. But to see it laid out like this is fascinating. (And kind of depressing.)

Okra Soup with Michael Twitty

“This video is the first of a series that focuses on historic foods of the enslaved African community of North America.”

Brilliant! Looking forward to the rest.

How China Cloned Shanghai

“China has built a complete digital clone of its largest city covering almost 4,000 square kilometres – and it’s about to simulate events in the future with astonishing accuracy. See how the team brought Shanghai’s clone to life with Unreal Engine”

So crazy!

Note that today China stopped allowing BBC World News to broadcast in their country. Good times!

In the Blink of an Eye: Space in an Instant

“In the fraction of a second it takes to blink your eyes, thousands of stars will be born, hundreds will explode and die, millions of planets will form, and our universe will expand by half a million kilometers in diameter.”

Hang on hang on hang on…

You are still important. You still have meaning. I kind of hate these statistical “look how teenytiny we all are” statements.

It’s still fascinating.

On that cheery note! Happy Friday!

Hopefully see you next week. Stay safe, and warm, and as happy as you can.


February 5th, 2021

Happy Friday!

And welcome to February! We did it!!

One month down. Let’s do this!

Life Lessons From 100-Year-Olds

These are fairly sharp minds in this short documentary.

Just lovely.

h/t: Kottke.

Take On Me in 20 Styles ft. Seth Everman

Elvis! Enya! Skid Row!

What a bizarre video. Definitely not background music. (And not in a good way.)

Sent in by Kelly M.

Building a Suspended LEGO Train

I never knew Lego had tracks. They apparently have a “roller coaster” set.

This is pretty fun.

Magnetic Accelerators | Magnetic Games

“These magnetic accelerators ,made with neodymium magnets, are really very powerful, the ball magnet has a high acceleration. On a larger scale they could become a weapon.”

No kidding!

Kind of fascinating.

Bonus Video!

Digg: Here Are All The 2021 Super Bowl Commercials Worth Watching

Digg: Here Are All The 2021 Super Bowl Commercials Worth Watching

“$183,000 per second”

I don’t have a vested interest in this year’s superbowl so this works.

Look at that! Videos! We did it!

Happy Friday everybody.

Stay safe. Stay positive. Stay warm.

We’re gonna get there!

See you next Friday.