January 8th, 2021

Happy Friday!

That was fast. What an insane, insane week.

But we made it! It’s Friday! And I have some videos for us all…

An album in the style of The Beatles, generated by OpenAI Jukebox

OpenAI Jukebox is a pretty amazing little… “thing”. I added this to the Friday links over a year ago now. Super interesting. This particular compendium is interesting in that it focuses on a very specific period of the Beatles musical output. It’s vague, lyrically, but it definitely sounds “like the Beatles.”

There’s an older, shorter one which is also pretty interesting called “The Yellow Album“.

The Girls of Guanabara

“This film features an all-female group of skateboarders and represents an important part of our purpose as a longboard school – to make skateboarding inclusive for all.

“We witness incredible longboard dancing manoeuvres combined with a level of flow and style that few male or female skateboarders in the world can muster.”

h/t: Kottke.

From Rotterdam to Amsterdam in 10 minutes: a 4k sailing timelapse

[self explanatory]

Beautifully shot.

The invention of the GoPro camera really has transformed how we document things. I find that so interesting.

The Mindfulness of the Jellyfish | Life Cycles

“Did you know jellyfish are the oldest living animals with multiple organs? They have been on earth for over 500 million years, and live in waters all around the world.”

A quick little documentary on jellyfish. Beautifully shot.


Friday Videos: Done!

Have a great weekend. Stay safe!

See you next week.