January 29th, 2021

Holy cow, you guys: It’s Friday!

We made it! And it’s the last one of January 2021! Congratulations!

Video time! You’re welcome!

OMEGA MART — “Grand Opening”

This is a fake ad for what appears to be a fairly large-scale art installation created by a group called “Meow Wolf“.

They deepfaked Willie Nelson but intentionally didn’t do it super well. It’s a weird video. I like it!

There is also a pretty bizarre website for this project.

“Shopping increases brain smile”. (What?!)

Pee -wee Park – The Full Horror Trailer

“I’ve always wanted to make a complete trailer based on my full Jeep Chase Scene. The hard part was figuring out at least a small narrative – enough for it to hold its own as a movie trailer and not just be a series of VFX shots. I feel like it’s close enough! I’ve got more weird stuff to make…”

It is mind blowing how well this was edited!

Sent in by several subscribers. Wwwwwow.

Takashi Kokubo – Get at the Wave (1987) [Full Album]

This albumn was (no joke) commissioned by electronics company Sanyo to be included in the box of an air conditioner in 1987.

A soundtrack album for an air conditioner?! I love Japan.

This is a beautiful ambient work. It doesn’t sound particularly dated. But really I love the story.

Much more information on Mr. Kokubo here.

Green screening myself into shows to make them more realistic. Station 19 Edition

Funny but also factual.

From YouTuber “Fire Department Chronicles“.

There is an additional video. He’s great.

There we go. All set.

I hope your Friday is wonderful, and your weekend is even better.

Stay safe out there everybody!


January 22nd, 2021

Happy Friday!

We made it!

And of course we still have so far to go still.

But look! Videos!

ACT 1 – HAMILTON: An Animal Crossing Musical

Created by YouTuber “Cesar” aka Guitar_Knight14 [https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCERaEwxxYGPNwBfvDuDnCeA] in the Nintendo game Animal Crossing.

This is a crazy accomplishment!

ProPublica: What Parler Saw During the Attack on the Capitol

ProPublica: What Parler Saw During the Attack on the Capitol

“Below is a collection of more than 500 videos that ProPublica determined were taken during the events of Jan. 6 and were relevant and newsworthy. Taken together, they provide one of the most comprehensive records of a dark event in American history through the eyes of those who took part.”

I mean holy crap.

You can either let them play sequentially or skip to any specific portion of the event.

This was only just two weeks ago. So insane.

Cloud Zoo

Cloud Zoo

Live stream your animal of choice from a variety of zoos offering live streams.

Great idea!!!

My go-to is always an Otter.

Building a Wigwam (Time Lapse)

What’s a Wigwam?

This is great.

Timelapses have the effect of glossing over the sheer effort these things can take. This build actually took as long as a few hours to build, but it’s squashed into a 5 minute timelapse.

Some great work.

And there we go! Allllll video’d up!

Happy Friday! And have an excellent weekend.


January 15th, 2021

Well hello Friday people!

We got back to Friday. Everybody okay?

This has already been one hell of a month. My god!

But we’re here, and I have some videos for all of us.

Let’s roll!

Storror Best Of Parkour POV Worldwide

“Storror”, as a parkour team, have several other videos all shot in POV that are seriously mind-blowing.

In over eight years (8 years!) of recording and editing these videos they haven’t had a major injury. Think about that as you watch these guys scramble across the buildings and rock formations they cover.

So amazing.

Bonobo : Cirrus

Created, as you might expect, by Cyriak.

Composed of numerous 1940s educational films.

Really well done.

Xyla Foxlin: I Made a Clear RGB Party Kayak!

Xyla Foxlin is an engineer and maker, and very energetic.

Also: not her first boat build

She’s great. Her channel is worth a look as well.

Mapping the videos of the Capitol building attack

Mapping the videos of the Capitol building attack

The crowdsourcing of large data that went on after this attack is nothing short of astonshing.

Bonus Video!

Every Single Scandinavian Crime Drama

Super brief, super correct. But obviously missing some of the great character chemistry in shows like The Bridge.

And that’s what I got. Okay? Videos, okay? Friday. Videos. Friday Videos alright?

Thanks for watching along with me.

Happy Friday! Stay safe!


January 8th, 2021

Happy Friday!

That was fast. What an insane, insane week.

But we made it! It’s Friday! And I have some videos for us all…

An album in the style of The Beatles, generated by OpenAI Jukebox

OpenAI Jukebox is a pretty amazing little… “thing”. I added this to the Friday links over a year ago now. Super interesting. This particular compendium is interesting in that it focuses on a very specific period of the Beatles musical output. It’s vague, lyrically, but it definitely sounds “like the Beatles.”

There’s an older, shorter one which is also pretty interesting called “The Yellow Album“.

The Girls of Guanabara

“This film features an all-female group of skateboarders and represents an important part of our purpose as a longboard school – to make skateboarding inclusive for all.

“We witness incredible longboard dancing manoeuvres combined with a level of flow and style that few male or female skateboarders in the world can muster.”

h/t: Kottke.

From Rotterdam to Amsterdam in 10 minutes: a 4k sailing timelapse

[self explanatory]

Beautifully shot.

The invention of the GoPro camera really has transformed how we document things. I find that so interesting.

The Mindfulness of the Jellyfish | Life Cycles

“Did you know jellyfish are the oldest living animals with multiple organs? They have been on earth for over 500 million years, and live in waters all around the world.”

A quick little documentary on jellyfish. Beautifully shot.


Friday Videos: Done!

Have a great weekend. Stay safe!

See you next week.


January 1st, 2021

Welcome to 2021!

And congratulations for making it here. What a terrible year 2020 was.

We’re obviously not out of the woods just yet but it’s good to be on this side of that year. I hope you are all well on this New Year’s Day.

It’s video time!

How to make a wooden camera, and how to use it. (re-cut)

“This is a quick version of my camera building video. I have also added how I take photographs with these wooden cameras.”

This is made by carpenter and vintage camera expert Dieter Schneider. It’s basically an 1800’s era glass plate camera. There is a much longer build video as well.

What an incredible piece of work this is.

Physics Teacher Explains Tensegrity Sculptures with LEGO

That teacher being Lewis Matheson.

Here is what a tensegrity table is.

Five Minutes of Pink Oyster Mushroom Playing Modular Synthesizer

“Electrical resistance is measure by passing a small current through the mushrooms similar to a lie detector test. The changes in resistance are then converted into control signals which determine the rhythm, pitch, timbre and effects parameters of the modular synthesizer. “


A weird little mashup of Star Wars and North by Northwest.

There is a part II.

Funny. Weird.

And so there we go! Friday Videos! The first one of 2021! Yay!

Stay safe everybody. Welcome to the new year. See you next Friday!