November 6th, 2020

Well hello there Friday folks!

Welcome to Friday! And your Friday Videos!

Are we ready?

Let’s gooooooo…

Animals With Autotune Compilation

You are welcome!

My cat always responds angrily to any video featuring pet voices. He didn’t move a muscle for this one, which indicates how weirdly mangled these voices are.

A Taste of Los Angeles

Created by Viennese filmmaking group “FilmSpektakel” [] who have also made “taste of” hyperlapse videos of New York and (duh) Vienna. Beautifully done.

How Do We Know How Old The Sun Is?

You know what? That is an excellent question!

An illuminating short doc on this topic. Well done!

The Forgotten History of Home Video

“In this essay I will tell you about 15-30 years of home video history that you have never heard about from anyone, anywhere.”

Honest to god I found this very illuminating.

It might be a bit too nerdy but man: the tech we used to use feels like caveman tools now.

Well that’s the Friday Videos all wrapped up!

I hope your Friday is fantastic, and that your weekend will be relaxing and calm.

Happy Friday!

See you next week.