October 2nd, 2020

Happy Friday!

Man what a week. Yikes.

But we’re here! And we made it to Friday and there are videos!

Let’s gooooo!!

If Cardi B Did The Sound Effects For Star Wars – Episode II

(self explanatory)


I Put The Fresh Prince Mansion on Airbnb (HOUSE TOUR)

This is Will Smith. Putting the mansion from The Fresh Prince of BelAir on AirBNB.

It’s already fully booked. This is great.

What If You Feed a Venus Flytrap Candy Instead of Flies?

See this is why I like YouTube. 🙂

Stuff I would never even consider: there it is.

(NEW) World Record Elephant Toothpaste w/ David Dobrik

Just insane.

Speaking of “Stuff I would never even consider”…

Also today I learned: that chemical reaction will stain surfaces!! Don’t do this people!

Bonus Video!

ACTION USA | Trailer (Uncensored)

More information here.

This is presented by Alamo On Demand who (in the US) have made the film available on demand. [https://ondemand.drafthouse.com/film/virtual-cinema-action-usa/]

1989! Over the frikkin’ top!

Well there we go. Friday: all video’d up!

Thanks for following along at home everybody.

Stay safe! We’re getting through this year by golly.

See you next Friday!