October 30th, 2020

Happy SpooooOOOOoooky Friday!

It’s Hallowe’en! Although, yes, of course, 2020, it’s weird, it’s not the same, it’s much much different.

But still!


Video time!!


Cyriak! He’s back!

A Killer Zoom Meeting Costume

2020 – There it is.

This is super innovative. Very well done.

Beastie Boys – Intergalactic But It’s Ghostbusters by Ray Parker Jr.

From YouTuber / remixer William Maranci.

Well done!

Tenacious D: “Time Warp”

A welcome Hallowe’en rock-out.

Making the rounds. Still worth it.

Sent in by many, many subscribers.

And there we go! Friday! Videos!

Friday Videos!

Thanks for playing along at home folks.

See you next week!


October 23rd, 2020

Happy Friday!

And welcome to your Friday Links!

Let’s get into it!

Wear a Mask

An adaptation of “Be Our Guest” from the classic Beauty and the Beast.

Making the rounnnnnds but definitely worth it.

The Keep Going Song (title track)

This is beautiful, and whimsical, and great.

Roosevelt’s Playhouse Halloween Special

This is somewhat inspired by Pee Wee’s Playhouse and IT. IS. BANANAS!

If this is the content we get from Covid-19 lockdown I think I am HERE for it!

Kings Dominion Roller Coasters! Front Seat POVs!

Since it’s no longer Summer, and currently none of us can go to an amusement park, this is pretty great.

I miss rollercoasters. 🙁

Pretty stable photography. Obviously: caution if you have motion fatigue. It goes fast!

And we have reached the end for this week.

I hope your Friday is excellent, and that your weekend is even better!

See you in seven days.


October 16th, 2020

Happy Friday! Woohoo!

I’m glad we made it. I’m always glad we made it.

Who’s ready for a few Videos?

Let’s get to it!

The Commercial that Killed a Fast Food Chain

Being from Canada, I had never even heard of this chain before.

This is quite the story!

Bizet’s Carmen on Glassware

This appears to be Petr Spatina from the Czech Republic. Suuuuuper talented performer. Wow.

Another: La Campanella (from Liszt.) These are challenging pieces to perform on any instrument, never mind a glass harmonica. Well done!

World Record of the longest Urban Downhill Track | Race Run | Medellin, Colombia


Paddington Horror Trailer

“A loving family takes in a needy bear to show him what family means”

All done! Short and sweet.

Have a happy Friday and an excellent weekend.

See you next week.


October 9th, 2020

Happy Friday! Woohoo!

Where I live, we’re experiencing highly unusual / abnormal far warmer weather fr October. And it’s a long weekend.

And it’s Friday!

And it’s video time!!

We Remade TRON in One Day

“Inspired by the recent ‘VFX Artists React to TRON,’ Niko and Peter set out to recreate the Light Cycle Scene from the original TRON film.”

Emmit Fenn – Who Dat

An adorable little music video featuring a funky, strutting pigeon. (via CG)

The future of faces

“I built a device that brings Animoji, camera filters, and deep fakes to the real life.”

A virtual “face replacer” created by Lenny3000.

Explaining the Pandemic to my Past Self Part 3

“What would happen if I tried to explain what’s happening now to the June 2020 version of myself?”

The lovely and talented Julie Nolke, everybody. This is making the rounds and worth every moment of it.

I hope you’re all safe and sound, and healthy and happy.

Happy Friday!


October 2nd, 2020

Happy Friday!

Man what a week. Yikes.

But we’re here! And we made it to Friday and there are videos!

Let’s gooooo!!

If Cardi B Did The Sound Effects For Star Wars – Episode II

(self explanatory)


I Put The Fresh Prince Mansion on Airbnb (HOUSE TOUR)

This is Will Smith. Putting the mansion from The Fresh Prince of BelAir on AirBNB.

It’s already fully booked. This is great.

What If You Feed a Venus Flytrap Candy Instead of Flies?

See this is why I like YouTube. 🙂

Stuff I would never even consider: there it is.

(NEW) World Record Elephant Toothpaste w/ David Dobrik

Just insane.

Speaking of “Stuff I would never even consider”…

Also today I learned: that chemical reaction will stain surfaces!! Don’t do this people!

Bonus Video!

ACTION USA | Trailer (Uncensored)

More information here.

This is presented by Alamo On Demand who (in the US) have made the film available on demand. [https://ondemand.drafthouse.com/film/virtual-cinema-action-usa/]

1989! Over the frikkin’ top!

Well there we go. Friday: all video’d up!

Thanks for following along at home everybody.

Stay safe! We’re getting through this year by golly.

See you next Friday!