September 25th, 2020

Well happy Friday everybody!

We are officially in Autumn (in my hemisphere of the planet.)

Keep going! We can do this!

But first: some videos!!

ROME – Eternal city

Created by filmmaker Alex Soloviev.

Some excellent camerawork here. The soundtrack is also amazing.

Sent along by Ashleigh T.

Fleetwood Fire – “You Make September Fun”

A Bill McClintock mashup of Earth Wind and Fire’s “September” and Fleetwood Mac’s “You Make Loving Fun”

With a little Pantera thrown in.

This works! I was really surprised.

Hey speaking of September…


This is an annual affair by Demi Adejuyigbe.

Honestly: watch it a couple of times. The amount of planning and setup that went into making this is astounding.

Making the rounds, and for good reason.

Sent in by many, many subscribers.

The Best Of The Internet (2020) My work

A “jigsaw puzzle apple” created by YouTuber and precision knife user Scuruchi Vincenzo.

His other works are worth a look as well.


On a Friday.

Friday Viiiiiideos!

Thanks for watching with me again.

Stay safe. Stay dry.

Happy Friday!


September 18th, 2020

Hello friends.

For a change I have to take a break this week. I was having a hard time finding new videos to feature, and as time ran out I decided: This week will be a hiatus.

I’ll be back at it next week. Apologies for the absence of Friday Videos this week.

Stay safe! We’re gonna make it through this year. One foot in front of the other.

See you next week.


September 11th, 2020

Happy Friday!

I hope you’re all safe and sound. This year man… yikes.

But look! Videos!!

Chris Farley – Greatest Entrance Ever

Feb. 12th, 1996 promoting the movie “Black Sheep“.

An INSANE entrance.

A lot more detail here.

RIP Chris Farley.

The Pond On My Window Sill – Ecosphere Week 1

“Last week, I scooped a jar of muddy water and weed out of a local pond, sealed it and placed it on my north facing window sill, in an experiment to create a sealed ecosphere.

“Let’s have a look at some of the things I saw in there during the first week…”

Smashed Mouths – All Star Deepfake Smashup [wav2lip]

“Got carried away testing out wav2lip and now this exists…”

Smashmouth’s seminal hit as “sung” by numerous movie clips.

If Daft Punk played Radiohead (Paranoid Android cover)

Created by YouTuber / musician Jehan Music

I like it!

And that’s what I’ve got for you this week.

Have as good a Friday as you can, and enjoy your pumpkin spice weekend.

See you next week.


September 4th, 2020

Look out, it’s Friday!

Hooooo boy we made it. September! And where I live, it’s a long weekend. Huzzah!

Video time!

Circulatory Systems

“The major highways, the arteries and veins of our cities.”

This is a sort of psychedelic rendering of US highways.

Beautifully done.

Yo-Yo Ma, Stuart Duncan, Edgar Meyer and Chris Thile: Tiny Desk (Home) Concert

aka: Goat Rodeo

I love this group so much. Such an interesting mix of disparate, extra-talented musicians.

Also recommended: The Billie Eilish Tiny Desk (Home) Concert.

Kash Singh | Full Run Onboard | 2020 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb

…in a 2017 Ford Mustang GT.

When I saw the thumbnail for this I assumed it was a skateboard / longboard video. I was wrong. 🙂

Famicom Disk System | Gaming Historian

“Nintendo considered the Disk System the future of the Famicom, and promised bigger, cheaper games. Did it live up to the hype?”

Kind of interesting.

And there we go: Friday… all video’d up!

Have an excellent (long?) weekend!

See you next week.