August 28th, 2020

Well hello Friday people!

We made it through August! Huzzah!

I hope you are all well. We are getting through this year.

Video time!

Growing Plants Time Lapse Compilation #2 – 190 Days Of Growing In 3 minutes

[self explanatory]

So good.

The System: New York Rapid Transit – A 1966 Subway Film

“A Documentary created by John Garetti, documenting the NYC Transit system from the late 1800s to the mid 60s. A rare peek into what made the Transit system run in the 1960s.”

Suggested by Mia S.

ASTEROIDS Size Comparison

Well done.

Asteroids are scary. Just floating out there. We know where many of them are but we keep discovering new ones that just missed us.

Artist Creates Realistic Food With Embroidery

“An artist has created a sequence of realistic foods with embroidery – and they look so good, you want to eat them.

“The artist, who is known only as Ipnot, 33, from Kyoto, Japan, has been creating tiny pieces of food sewn artwork for the past five years.”

The main piece is a pizza slice including a fairly realistic cheese pull.

And there we go. Alllll video’d up.

I hope your Friday is fantastic.

Stay safe, and see you next week!