July 31st, 2020

Welcome, Friday!

Phew – it’s the end of July. So insane.

But we’re here. It’s Friday! Where I live it’s a long weekend.

Good Things. We have to recognize them.

And now: Videos!

The Supercut: 94 movies/shows, 10 weeks and 130+ hours of editing

“After seeing an edit by Gugga Leunnam [e.g.: this.] on the marvel subreddit, I took my shot at making my own type of match cut edit. I did not at all realize the absolute mess and time commitment I was getting into but was extremely happy with the outcome.”

This is inspiring. I love the morph-cutting used here as well.

Under the radar. A great little edit.

Friends Intro Recreated Using ONLY Stock Footage

“Here it is, the most requested show of all and so far the hardest, it’s the Friends intro recreated using ONLY stock footage. Check out the others (including Buffy, Happy Days, and the O.C. on my channel).”

What a specific talent. They’re very close to the originals.

Rapberry Pi Cocktail Machine

Apparently inspired by Blade Runner 2049

“My entry for the 2020 Cocktail Robotics Grand Challenge is this Blade Runner-inspired cocktail machine based on two Raspberry Pi computers, 8 pumps, and three Arduino boards.”

Created by maker Donald Bell from Maker Project Lab.

There’s also a making of video.

He also supplies the full plans, wiring diagrams, etc. Very cool.

Kinetic wave sculpture

A hand-cranked wooden replica of an ocean wave.

Simple, and beautifully made.

There we go. Videos: Sorted!

Have a fabulous Friday, and an excellent weekend.

See you next Friday!