July 24th, 2020

Well happy Friday everybody!

We made it! Yeah! [fist pump]

It’s video time. Let’s go!!

Japan Freestyle Skateboard Session with 15 Year Old World Champion

“Can you believe he’s only 15? ?? On our last trip to Japan we stopped off in Otsu, Japan and spent a couple days filming with our friend Isamu Yamamoto.”

From the very first hit, this is 100% gold. (Note: he is now 17.)

Perfect for a Friday.

Lost in motions

“More than 800 wood cuts and pictures. Watch at the end the behind the scenes video”

Breakdancing, captured frame by frame, in custom-cut materials, and reconstructed via stop-motion animation.

Created by Fernando Livschitz from Blacksheep films. He (and they) notably created the animated intro for The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

At home science – How to make play dough – ExpeRimental #15

“Pasha, Rushana and their son Aaryan explore how mixing different quantities of water with different types of flour produces some surprising results. They learn how to make this classic children’s toy, while learning the difference between a mixture and a solution.”

Play Dough = science!

See also: how to make silly putty.

Mars in 4K

Not really “video”. It’s super clear views that are carefully panned and tilted over.

It’s stunning. And they go into detail about the different cameras on board the different Martian rovers.

Created by ElderFox Documentaries.

Frankly I find the narration suuuper annoying. But despite that, this is great.

Making the rounds.

We have come, at last, to the end for this week.

I hope you’re all doing well, and staying safe, and keeping sane.

More next week! See you then.