April 3rd, 2020


It’s here! At last. I know for many people it doesn’t feel like it.

And I have a few videos! Let’s dig in…

How round is your circle?!

“This is a compilation of videos from my book, “How Round is Your Circle?”. More information is available from www.howround.com”

A weird bunch of contraptions that show how non-round things can act like round / spherical things.

Pretty interesting. Zero further information in the video itself.


A ton of stock footage all linked together extremely cleverly.

This made my day. So well done.


Real 2-car collisions where one of the cars has been digitally removed.

No further information.

Created by Donato Sansone.

As Above

“As Above was made of one single shot filmed on the 8mm2 (0.3 square inch) surface of a chemical reaction.

“The environment in which we live, is at the constant mercy of the ever changing flow of planets, stars and galaxies… As well as the composition of the microscopic world.”

Brilliantly shot by filmmaker Roman Hill.

Ta daaaa!

Videos! On a Friday.

Hang in there everybody. One day at a time.

Hopefully see you again next week.