December 20th, 2019

Happy Friday!

And Merry Xmas. I can’t believe it’s here.

It’s Video time!


“Several T-800 are sent back in time by Skynet. But their mission is scrambled by John Connor.

And now they are all targeting each other!”

Cleverly edited by Fabrice Mathieu

Epic Cycling | Truly Unique Bicycle that Walks

Similar to the massive wooden Strandbeest made by Dutch artist Theo Jansen.

Amazing construction.

AIDAprima Cruise Ship Construction & Christening in 4K by MK timelapse

[self explanatory]

Wow these ships are huge. Way, way bigger than Titanic.

Paul McCartney Sings Some Metal For Christmas

They kept the vocals but layered in an excellent speedcore backup section.

Note: possibly my least favorite xmas song. You’re welcome?

And there you go. Xmas Friday Videos! Yay!

Have a lovely holiday and see you next week.