December 27th, 2019

Well happy Friday everybody!

I hope your Christmas / Hannukah / Kwanza has been fantastic.

It’s video time!

LegalEagle: Laws Broken: Home Alone

“Keep the change ya filthy animal, and by ‘filthy animal’ I mean criminal felon.”

All of the laws broken in the first Home Alone movie.

Mark Hamill in Conversation with Frank Oz

“Mark Hamill lands at 92Y for a conversation with the man behind Yoda, legendary puppeteer and filmmaker Frank Oz. Hear from Hamill as he looks back on four decades of Star Wars and his iconic role as the Jedi Master.”

This is worth every minute. So enjoyable. I was not aware how many voices Mr. Hammill has performed in his career. Crazy!

Mini Cannons VS Christmas is Extremely Satisfying

“Slow motion Christmas destructions is extremely satisfying. We were sent some mini cannons from so with Christmas right around the corner we thought we’d test them out with our Phantom high speed.”

Actually beautifully conceived.

Memories of Tsukiji / Teaser Trailer #2.

“Ruben Fro / Cody Ellingham / SJF

“Future Cities Studio Creates Immersive Photogrammetry Experiences”

This is a very brief intro to what appears to be a beautiful, haunting visual work.

Much more information here.

And this concludes your final Friday links of 2019.

Have a Happy New Year, and hopefully we’ll see you next week.


December 20th, 2019

Happy Friday!

And Merry Xmas. I can’t believe it’s here.

It’s Video time!


“Several T-800 are sent back in time by Skynet. But their mission is scrambled by John Connor.

And now they are all targeting each other!”

Cleverly edited by Fabrice Mathieu

Epic Cycling | Truly Unique Bicycle that Walks

Similar to the massive wooden Strandbeest made by Dutch artist Theo Jansen.

Amazing construction.

AIDAprima Cruise Ship Construction & Christening in 4K by MK timelapse

[self explanatory]

Wow these ships are huge. Way, way bigger than Titanic.

Paul McCartney Sings Some Metal For Christmas

They kept the vocals but layered in an excellent speedcore backup section.

Note: possibly my least favorite xmas song. You’re welcome?

And there you go. Xmas Friday Videos! Yay!

Have a lovely holiday and see you next week.


December 13th, 2019

Happy Friday everybody!

It’s finally here! And it’s Friday the thirteenth!

And look! Videoooos!!

Let’s begin.

DJ Shadow ft. De La Soul – Rocket Fuel

Directed by Sam Pilling.

A great track from two massive talents.

Well made video as well.

Movie Title Breakup

“A couple breaks up with each other (via the use of 154 movie titles).”

This video moves super fast. Well done.

Mariah Manson – “All I Want For Christmas is the Beautiful People”

From Bill McClintock.

Actually works really well!

Also: weirdly making the rounds!

J’Adore starring Mr. Bean

A deepfake replacing Charlize Theron’s face with that of Rowan Atkinson.

Can’t un-see!

That’s it folks!

Have yourself a merry little Friday.

See you next week.


December 6th, 2019

It’s Friday!

It’s December!

We’re all here! We made it!

A quick note that I didn’t really create a new Christmas guide this year. I simply ran out of time. But I linked to the previous gift and giving guide over on the Friday Links, and added a couple of new items, and I think it could still be worth a look. Merry Christmas!

And now: Videos!

Tuba Skinny – Jubilee Stomp – Royal Street

“Recorded in New Orleans 04/07/2018”

New Orleans street music kills!

The Trick That Made Animation Realistic

In a word: rotoscoping, a technique still used today.

Hey speaking of animation…

Andrea Animates

Andrea Animates

“Andrea Love is an independent animator and director based in Port Townsend, WA.”

Her Instagram is also worth a look. (My favorite here.)


This MIT Engineer Built His Own Bionic Leg

“At MIT’s Media Lab, researchers are developing prosthetic limbs that users can control with their minds, making a robotic foot move as seamlessly as a biological one.”

And that’s that! Friday Videos allll set.

Get out there and have a fantastic weekend everybody!