January 18th, 2019

Welcome back to your Friday Videos everybody!

All set? Sitting comfortably? Good! Let’s begin…

Raining Blood – Slayer cover

From YouTubers and overall fun young musicians “Audrey and Kate” from Japan (nobody mentions which city.) You can also follow them on Twitter.

They learned how to play music by getting good at the XBox game “Rocksmith”.

This definitely made the rounds but is so, so worth it.

BMX But Not As You Know It | Home w/ Tim Knoll

“Tim Knoll’s incredible style of street riding has turned heads since he hit the consciousness of the BMX community at the start of this decade.”

Jesus, no kidding. Part BMX freestyle, part parkour.

Miley Cyrus with Temple of the Dog: Say Hello 2 Heaven

[self explanatory]

Cyrus can sing. No question.

A great performance.


“My focus lay in key-frame animation to mimic the intricate movements of a hand.”

Created by Jesper Lindborg. Well done.

There it is. Another Friday Videos in the log books.

Have a lovely Friday.